On World Health Day 2024, we acknowledge the binding and very crucial part of healthcare in our lives. It is the day when our joint efforts in overcoming the hardships and the initiatives for health care resonate with the entire world. We face a situation in which mercy chooses commitment, and the lives of people and advancing technology are in tune. 

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Along the way, we confirm that whether the road leads us through the complexities of healthcare crises or triumphs, healthcare access is the ultimate human right. There is no difference regardless of social status or life path, but the pursuit of health and vitality, ever informed by abiding compassion, unites us all. The health of every individual is an essential factor in the health system that links us as a single unit.

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History Of World Health Day

So whenever the matter or topic of global health comes up in the chatter, the thought of the World Health Organization is bound to appear in our minds and talks. That’s why the history of World Health Day takes us back to the time when this esteeme organization was establish. 

This esteemed organization has its roots in the year 1954 when two leading countries of the world, namely, Brazil and China, actively supported the idea of creating such bodies at the transnational level. However, this proposition did not create the WHO straightaway.

In July 1946 in New York, the World Health Organization’s foundation was pass, which was six months after it was first proposed. On April 7, 1948, the said regulation became valid when 61 nations endorsed a document that allowed starting an international non-profit association.

You might wonder, how World Health Day came into the picture then. Interestingly, the day was set up as one of the organization’s inaugural official initiatives.  

When Is World Health Day? 

You will surprise to know that, the date on which we celebrate this global health day today was actually different in the beginning. July 22, 1949, marked its initial observation. However, the day didn’t see much enthusiasm and participation from individuals. 

In order to promote student engagement, the original date of inauguration was subsequently shift to April 7, the same day as WHO’s founding. 

Speaking of 2024 World Health Day it will grandly celebrate on the 7th of April, i.e, Sunday. Each year our esteemed WHO organization comes up with different and unique themes to encourage people to participate abundantly. 

That’s why the theme ‘My Health, My Right’ is meticulously selected for 2024. The idea emphasizes each person’s inherent right to excellent treatment, thorough education, and correct access to pieces of information. 

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Why Is World Health Day Important?

Asking this question is similar to asking why the air is important. The day holds a significance for number of reasons. For instance;

Why Is World Health Day Important
  • International awareness: It provides a platform to speak up and address multiple health-related concerns and difficulties. 
  • Health campaigning: It encourages people to advocate for global improvements in healthcare facilities as well as urges individuals to prioritize their health above all. 
  • Education:  It offers a prospect to educate people on matters of health as well as the essence of having a key to effective and better healthcare. 
  • Honoring the guardians and custodians of Health: All these robust medical infrastructures inside and outside, standing today are because of the dedication and hard work of healthcare workers. Without them, the world wouldn’t be the best place certainly. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic was the absolute highlight of their roles.  

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Key Insights On World Health Day

No matter what the theme is, the main and ultimate aim behind setting up such an idea is to focus on two aspects of life. I.e, physical and mental health, through all the possible ways.  

  • Psychological Health: Every time someone speaks about health, the bodily aspect is what comes up first. But not anymore; mental health is just as important, if not more so. 

Although the stigma surrounding mental health is gradually fading, there is still so much work to do (not to mention immediate). So let’s proclaim this 7th April, the 2024 World Mental Health Day.

  • Physiological Well-being: We think COVID-19 was just the beginning of upcoming physical health hazards. So take it as a wake-up call and start working on your physical health both internally and externally. 

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Things You Can Do On World Health Day 2024

You may take part in a multitude of occasions that encourage peak wellness and pleasure on World Health Day 2024. For instance;

  • Encourage governmental authorities to respond to the medical community’s plea for necessary improvements and changes by starting a petition. 
  • Get folks & associates of the society together, talk about the adjustments that need to be made for improved well-being, and how to go about putting those changes into practice. 
  • To extend understanding of prevalent wellness conditions and make preventative care alternatives more accessible, hold health check-ups and educational events. 

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