We are not even halfway through the year 2023. So this is the biggest chance for you to plan a trip to these amazing upcoming festivals in the US. If you consider yourself a Xenophile or a culture enthusiast then trust us these 5 cultural festivals celebrated in the US will blow your mind. These are must-add festival destinations to include in your travel list. 

So don’t delay anymore and plan your trip with friends and family to an astounding, staggering, and perplexing USA festival destination!!

1. Coachella In California 

This is a three whole-day music festival held in the month of April. The story behind this extravagant music and festival is so classy & interesting that it made history. ‘Pearl Jam’ the biggest and hottest American rock band is the reason behind Coachella. Nearly 25,000 people watched Pearl Jam play on November 5, 1993, at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The venue was chosen since the band declined to perform in Los Angeles due to a disagreement with ‘Ticketmaster’ about service fees associated with ticket transactions. 

This one performance created such a big ruckus now that the city celebrates it every year. All of our favorite artists have performed there including Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, and our evergreen fav Beyonce. The festival might get a little crowdy so hold on to your loved ones or you’ll be ‘Oh where, oh where can my baby be?

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2. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

This Jazzfest is falling between April and May this year 2023. New Orleans Jazzfest was first held in 1970 by George Wien. Wein’s plan was simple: he envisioned a sizable daytime fair with various divisions that would include a variety of locally created music genres, local food booths, arts and crafts, along with an all-encompassing nighttime music festival. 

Wein believed no other city could host this festival because only New Orleans has America’s most rich musical heritage. The first time when festivals on the land of New Orleans were held only 350 people attended them. But that number has doubled by hundreds and thousands now.  

3. Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee

The four-day celebration usually begins on the second Thursday in the month of June. This festival is a huge combo of every music genre known to humankind. Whether it be hip hop, indie rock, Jazz, country, pop, gospel, Americana, bluegrass, world music, and whatnot.

The festival is known for unique ideas for the theme and decoration every year. The occasion offers room for artistic expression, which can take many diverse aspects. Unique and oddball monuments may be seen all throughout the arena as you pass through the “Bonnaroo” arch at the entry; every year, they become more creative and wilder.

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4. Lollapalooza In Chicago 

Well don’t know the biggest Lollapalooza concert. Every artist dreams to go there once in a lifetime. This year the music festival is held from 28th July to 31st July. Prepare yourself for an increased dosage of music, dancing, comedy, and good times with your pals at this festival, which allows you the chance to experience a variety of musical genres. This music festival is unquestionably among the top events in America, according to the international festival hall of fame. This music fest attracts well-known performers with explosive intensity, like Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande.

5. Burning Man In Nevada 

The festival usually is celebrated between the month of August and September in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The Burning Man festival promotes self-creativity and togetherness. The festival’s name derives from its closing ritual, which involves the ceremonial torching of a huge wooden figure known as the Man. 

The creators of the original Man, Larry Harvey, and Jerry James, organized a little meeting on Baker Beach in San Francisco on June 22, 1986. Ever since, it has a host every year for nine days, up through Labor Day.

Here are the best 5 festivals in the US to go to this year. Don’t miss the chance to fill your life with some amusement by exploring some of the amazing cultural festivals.

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