Hey, Get your eggs ready cause easter is here!!! Whatever you might call it; Resurrection Day, Pascha Day, or the most popular way to call it out; Easter Sunday everyone’s favorite holiday is finally around the corner.

Whether you are an adult or candy sucking kid, everyone loves easter Sunday. And who hasn’t heard of Easter Bunny stories? Of course, we all heard it when we were kids. Wasn’t those times exciting? But as time passed some of us have forgotten how fun it used to be and some of us have definitely forgotten those stories. 

That’s why we’ve made an effort today to revive those tales and honor Jesus for his suffering. 

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Easter And Its Celebration Around The World

Easter Sunday in 2023 falls on the 9th of April and easter does, however, occur on a different day every year.

Happy Easter Sunday

While this holiday usually comes on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25 in Western or Latin Christendom, which uses the Gregorian calendar, those days are referred to be “moveable feasts” along with associated events like Maundy Thursday, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Palm Sunday. However, Easter usually occurs on the very first Sunday following the full moon that occurs around the equinoxes or after.

Meanwhile, the same holiday is celebrated every year on Sunday between the 4th of April and the 8th of May according to Julian’s calendar. This calendar year is however followed by the Orthodox Catholic Church or eastern orthodoxy.

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Easter And History Behind Its Name

The compiler of Historia ‘Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum’ which was later translated to Ecclesiastical History of the English People St. Bede the Venerable asserts that Eostre, or Eostrae, the deity of Anglo-Saxon people known for spring and fertility, is where the term “Easter” originates. While  Some scholars contend that the word “Easter” stems from the Roman adjective alba, meaning “dawn,” which was called ‘eostarum’ in Old German, a forerunner of modern English.

Although Easter’s important as a Christian event, numerous customs, and images that are central to festivities really have their origins in pagan festivities, notably those associated with the pagan deity ‘Eostre’

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Easter Customs And Rituals

So the celebration begins the day before (of course the whole week is a festival time as it is referred to as Holy Week) easter known as easter eve. Festivities often begin around midnight in many churches. When the Easter Day midnight rituals get underway, candles are lit in churches around the globe. The light and brightness of the candles are believed to be symbols that will cast out evil from the world just how the Jesus resurrected from the dead beating all the evils with immense light. 

The ceremony may begin in complete darkness in certain churches. Once the twelve candles are lit, they are carried around the remainder of the cathedral igniting the other candles. Once all the candles are lit the priest declares ‘Christ is Risen’ while the whole crowd shouts ‘He is risen indeed’. Some even celebrate this with fireworks. 

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Easter Day marks the conclusion of Lent(Fast) and is observed with cheerful flowers and prayers in churches. Priests rejoice the day while dressed in their finest clothes. The Pope in Rome celebrates Mass or Communion at St. Peter’s Square. A well-known tradition is the distribution of colorful easter eggs all around the town.
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