Terms & Condition

  • It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to make use of our website to purchase medicines.
  • We cannot warrant that our medications are always effective for patients.
  • In order to do this, you’ll need to speak to your doctor or medical professional. Only after receiving a recommendation, do you buy the medication.
  • We are not liable for any reason if we do not experience the desired results after taking the pills.
  • The pricing on our site can change depending on discounts, offers in our stock and inventory as well as the market price of the medicine.
  • The information about the product on our site is solely to provide suggestions for use, and therefore we do not offer it as advice.
  • The images and information posted on the page with product descriptions intend for reference only.
  • We may end your order at any time should we choose to do so because of an internal emergency reason.
  • In these cases we will let you know by email, however, the customer is not liable to us in any way.
  • We also reserve the right to alter prices at any time however, it must be within the limits of the market price or retail price that print by the manufacturer.
  • We can’t blame for any drastic changes or changes in price.
  • We also don’t recommend to our customers sign our exclusive plans.
  • There is a lot for you to pick from and you must decide on your own if you would like to avail of additional discounts, or not.
  • These discounts apply to available to subscribed members only.
  • Also, you don’t need to provide your email address when you purchase medicines through our site.
  • This can allow you to receive notifications on the latest product deals, discounts, and promotions.

The purchase of prescription drugs is made through our website

  • We cannot provide any evidence of the benefits of using any of the drugs we offer on our website.
  • On our website, We do not offer you any kind of endorsement or branding products of a specific business.
  • However, we are only an intermediary from which you decide to purchase or not.
  • We do not warrant that a patient will heal from a specific illness by using medications purchased from our site.
  • There are a variety of hundreds of brands, and within each brand, there are a variety of doses according to the strengths of the ingredient.
  • It is recommend to get a written confirmation from your doctor only if the exact medicine and dosage are available on our site before you can decide to purchase.

Security policies on our website

  • We’re commit to offering an extremely strict and secure security online payment portal to our customers.
  • All the information you give when buying medicine in addition to your payment details is not utilize for any type of commercial purpose or for any untrue selling of your personal information.
  • The private information you supply when purchasing medicines, such as the name of your doctor, email address, phone number, and so on are safely store in digital lockers on the data server.
  • These servers have the highest online security to safeguard your information.
  • When your payment is receive by us, all data is immediately erased and we don’t retain any payment details without your consent.

Delivery of the package to your residence

  • Once you have completed the purchase online, our logistical and shipping delivery team will be responsible for delivering the items to the address you have provided.
  • If there is a reason for it to be the case, such as the consignee has change or a consignee that is not traceable or a wrong address for the order will be canceled and sent back to our logistical company.
  • In such instances in such cases, no refund of the money will grant until the client contacts us or informs us about refunding them or providing a different shipping address.
  • Be aware that in the second shipment, you must also pay the courier and shipping costs.
  • There is a possibility of delays due to emergency reasons like extreme weather conditions or an issue in our logistical and delivery procedure.
  • You must bear with us and not hold us to any responsibility.

Customs delay

  • Customs delay refers to a situation in which a package or shipment is held up at customs for inspection or processing, resulting in a delay in the delivery of the package.
  • Customs delays can occur for a variety of reasons, such as incomplete or inaccurate customs paperwork, restrict or prohibited items in the shipment, or high volumes of packages being process at the customs facility.

Pricing policy

  • The prices you see on our site are in no way directly influenced by us.
  • However, all discounts and deals you see are specifically select by our team management.
  • We don’t bargain on the prices of medications that list on our site.
  • The discounts and deals in price are the most significant reduction you can avail yourself of when you purchase medicines.

Cancellation rules

  • You can cancel your purchase at any time, even after you have received the package at the address you provided.
  • Once the package is delivered, all cancellation requests must receive within 7 days after the delivery date.
  • Additionally, if the seal has damage or the product used has been damaged or any other tampering was done, we could even deny the cancellation request at our discretion.