Shipping Policy

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping and order confirmation

When you’ve made your purchase successfully on our website , you will receive an email where you will receive the order number as well as the receipt of your payment. Before you place an order on our site, be sure to verify your address. We are unable to ship the order until the shipping process is complete. Orders may take 2 to three working days to process and then ship. After the order is ready for shipping, it will send you a shipment confirmation via email, which includes the tracking number. With this tracking number you will be able to easily locate the exact location of your order through our site.

If you’re not able to locate the place of your order, contact our customer support at any time to solve your issue in brief periods.

Shipping Costs

We charge a fee separately for each delivery. Shipping costs are based entirely on the mass of your parcel. Taxes calculate based on shipping locations.

If you have received a damaged or damaged product or of order that is not in consignment then we will deliver an additional package to the address you provided However, to facilitate this, we will charge the shipping fees. We’ll also give you a new package free of the cost of shipping if you were not able to receive the package due to any reason. However, to qualify for this benefit you must have a valid reason, and be in compliance with our guidelines and terms.

Return Policy

We offer a simple return policy for customers. You can return your items and receive refunds returned on our site. The policy for refunds and returns for each item is clearly state on the product’s webpage. After you have submitted a request to return the product via our website, we will arrange for an individual courier to deliver the product from your place of residence. Quality control personnel from our department will inspect the item. 

The process of refunding is expect to take between 2 and 3 days. You can locate your refund on your bank account, or your wallet where you placed an order for your items on our website.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you are able to make a cancellation of your purchase. You cannot cancel an order on its own on our site. To cancel the order you must send us a request to cancel. After the shipping process is complete, you will not be in a position to cancel your order since you must be able to cancel the order before the process of shipping is completed.

We also have the option to terminate any order that is not confirm with the client at any point.

How do I get my reimbursement for returned or canceled products?

The refund amount is transferred back to the bank account from which the payment was made in the order process in the case of prepaid purchases within a few days. If you haven’t received the refund amount due to any reason, call our customer support service to resolve the issue promptly.