Although the term precision medicine is not new whole but in the field of cancer it is somewhat new. The availability of therapeutic choices, specifically in the advanced stages of the illness, is still restrict despite advancements in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, and the treatment-resistant scenario represents a significant unfulfilled need.

But it seems like recently the medical research team has gained a victory over prostate cancer cure with the help of precision medicine. So let’s see what exactly precision medicine is and how it can cure prostate cancer. 

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What Is Precision Medicine?  

The concept of precision medicine was first birthed by Archibald E Garrod in the 1900s. But again the concept was introduced to the public through ‘The Wall Street Journal’ by robert langreth and waldholz as the ‘New era of personalized medicine’.  Although it has been 20 years the proper definition of personalize or precision medicine is not known. 

But the idea is, a method of medicine that prevents, detects, and treats disease using knowledge about each individual’s genes, proteins, and environment. In order to diagnose cancer, organize a patient’s course of treatment, assess the efficacy of that therapy, or determine their prognosis, customized medicine makes use of particular information about a patient’s tumor. 

Instances of precision medicine include employing tumor marker tests to aid in the diagnosis of cancer or using targeted medicines to treat certain cancer cell types, like HER2-positive breast cancer cells. also known as personalized medicine.

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Precision Therapies For Prostate Cancer

In layman’s language, the term implies, the genetic structure of the patient’s cancer, the precision medicine employs modern diagnostic tests to cure the appropriate patient with the appropriate medication at the appropriate time. Precision medicine holds up the hope that one day there won’t be any need for medication trials for prostate cancer. 

The procedure of making a precise diagnosis entails examining the genetic and molecular properties of your particular tumor(FYI; every tumor has distinctly mutated genes) in order to determine its vulnerabilities. Because of this, each tumor requires a treatment plan that is unique. Customized therapies or precision medicine may be successful without any more speculation once that degree of identification is feasible.

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Conventional Vs Precision Medicine

Earlier if someone is suffering from severe prostate cancer the option was to go through hormonal therapy, which may or may not be effective. But that is no longer need today, you may speak to your physician regarding those medications using tests that utilize either tumor samples or your blood to examine the genome and molecular structure of your cancer, saving you time, money, and the discomfort of therapies that won’t help you.  

In actuality, the most recent kind of precision medicine is known as Lu-PSMA. Precision therapeutics are entering medical testing at an increasing rate, and ideally, they will soon reach the market. One day, it is hope that your cancer will only treat by methods that are 100% successful and specifically tailor to your condition.

But that’s not it, the research is going on to use the strategy of precision medicine for anxiety disorders as well. If it happens the medical field will revolutionize significantly.

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