Privacy Policy

To ensure the security and privacy of our customers, we have a clear privacy policy on our website. Our primary goal is to ensure the security of our customers when they conduct online transactions.

We encourage all of our customers to review our privacy policies prior to purchasing medication through our portal.

It is important to understand that when you complete the final transaction it will remind you that in committing to pay us, you are accepting our terms of service and the conditions that are set in the privacy policy of our website.

Policy for the collection and sharing of information online of our customers

  • We have a strict policy that applies to our customers when it comes to gathering and sharing personal data.
  • The information we obtain from clients, including their name, date of birth number, email address, the number of their phone, and even their address is use to fulfill official requirements.
  • The private and personal sensitive information we gather like your debit or number of credit cards, as well as OTPs and other details store on our servers which help facilitate purchasing for our customers.
  • We do not participate in any fraudulent process of sharing your data with any one of our companies or with any third party, such as our wholesalers, vendors, and suppliers.
  • All of this is done in order in order to provide efficient and effective customer service to our customers.
  • This helps ease the experience for customers to gather the necessary details, when they decide to purchase a specific medicine, or even when they are in the checkout or payment process.
  • This will also help them save time, as they do not have to provide their details repeatedly when buying medicines through our website.
  • You are able to choose whether you want to sign up with us or to opt out of it, but this is entirely your choice.
  • It is not require to sign up or sign in through our website to purchase medicine.

Subscribe to our newsletter

  • We keep your email id to share the weekly email with you.
  • This will allow you to inform of the most recent medicines brands that are available, or coming brands you be waiting to try out.
  • There is no obligation to join our newsletter, but it can help you keep up-to-date with the latest discounts and deals.
  • We provide all the latest information, including deals on medications, the newest new arrivals, and the top discount brands, or even the weekly, monthly, or daily specials in our newsletter.
  • So you will be notified for instance when a medication is available in our stock.
  • The email addresses aren’t used for any other purposes for sending unauthorized or spam emails.
  • Customers urge to check the spam folder, in case they’ve turned off the suspicious emails from unknown sources within the setting menu.
  • Once every online transaction has complete, you receive an online receipt by email that is sent to you for every purchase.

Consenting to the cookie policy on our website.

  • Cookies on our site facilitate a quicker buying process and help our customers’ purchasing process.
  • You may choose to be in agreement with our cookie policies, however, it is entirely your decision.
  • When you agree to complete an online transaction you are also agreeing to our cookie policy online. Cookies save some essential details to speed up browsing through our online portal.

Making transactions through our website

  • All transactions on our website take place on a quick and efficient payment site that is secure with an SSL gateway that speeds up the process and authentication of the final recipient of the transaction.
  • Every purchase you make online verify with OTPs which deliver to both your email address and mobile number.

Refund and cancellation policies

  • All online orders through our website can cancel.
  • However, there is a time limit to meet that deadline, which usually lasts for 7 days, regardless of whether you’re located within the US or internationally.
  • We cannot validate cancellations made after the expiration of 7 days from the date the time your order was place.
  • We can also help you ask to exchange products.
  • The process will carry out by our executive team who will physically inspect the product, and then replace the item.
  • In the case of refunds, we do not provide cash refunds. Instead, the refund is process on the Internet and credited directly to the account of the customer.

Share your review

  • It is possible to share some of your experiences with us.
  • These include your feedback about the treatment you received or your own experiences in discovering the correct dosage and brand for the medicine.
  • You can also post your thoughts on the checkout process and the checkout process in general.
  • We would like users to discuss their experience with us, but it isn’t something you must do if you determine to keep your privacy.