This era of social media has introduced us to so many new words and phrases. We have learned to speak a new language and make more relationship that is constantly evolving and expanding.

We have learned to express ourselves in ways that were unimaginable before. However, along with the positive side, there are dismissive sides too. For instance, this new term called orbiting in a relationship is floating uncontrollably around the internet. 

Well, our GenZs are so creative that they don’t disappoint with new slang every now and then. But on the other hand, our millennials find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing language trends. 

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That’s why in this blog we will clear this new term once and for all. So stick with us until we make it clear. 

What is Orbiting in a Relationship?

Orbiting is a new term in the dating world that describes someone who stays in touch with another, even after breaking up with them. This means things like viewing their stories or giving a thumbs up to a new post or picture on various social media platforms.

The person is, in a way, hovering around the other, without ever reaching out to them directly. Orbiting relationships are considered toxic because it prevents the orbiter from moving on and creates a feeling of constant surveillance and intrusion in the other person’s life. 

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Let us give you a simple and popular example; “Can we still be friends after a breakup?” That is orbiting in a relationship. However, it isn’t toxic all the time as long as both persons know their boundaries. 

Another question is…

Why Would a Man in a Relationship Continue to Orbit?

There are no definite reasons why a man would continue to orbit around you even after the relationship has ended. Because it’s a very selfish and immature trait but we have dug out some frequently recorded reasons why men would do that. 

  • Either he lacks interest, feels isolated, is inquisitive, or is frightened to commit.
  • He desires to maintain flexibility or have an alternate plan.
  • He hopes to exaggerate himself or elicit a response from his partner.
  • He still feels conflicted or has unanswered questions regarding the connection. 

However, neither of these arguments is strong enough to support orbiting. A selfish and immature method to handle one’s feelings and wants is to orbit. Additionally, it might harm the possibilities for future partnerships in addition to the trust and respect in the existing relationship.

What is Ruminating Relationship?

Along with orbiting, there is another term called rumination. Relationship rumination is a term that describes the behavior of someone who constantly dwells on and discusses their relationship troubles with others or their partner, without seeking a solution or taking action, for instance, always blabbering ‘This Relationship is Kiiling Me’.

It can be a way of dealing with stress, doubt, or insecurity in a relationship, but it can also harm one’s mental health and relationship happiness.

There are many sorts of relationship rumination that might evolve or be triggered by Blame yourself, Controlling behavior, Doubting nature, Constantly worrying, or Self-pity which we also call playing the victim card. 

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What is the Solution for Ruminating Relationship?

The solution can only be found as long as you are aware of your behavior and willing to make improvements for the betterment of killing relationships. Follow these instructions for the rumination cycle;

  1. Monitor your thoughts constantly: See them as mere thoughts, pause and detect where they are coming from, and communicate with your partner effectively. 
  2. Put a name to the thought loop: Identify the type of thoughts you are having whether it is Self-pity, concern, uncertainty, control, or a mix of these.
  3. Being receptive to the present moment: Do not feel defensive while dealing with any emotions rather think about the root causes behind them. 
  4. Embrace uncertainty and vulnerability: Recognize that life is full of unknowns and that it’s okay to not have all the answers. Embracing uncertainty can lead to personal growth and your relationship.


If you say, relationships orbit around me but don’t involve me, I’m separate, it isn’t healthy too. Whatever the reason, orbiting is not a healthy or respectful way. It can take a heavy toll on a person’s mental peace. A toxic relationship kills a person from inside leaving them feeling isolated and self-doubt. If your feel threatened in any way, address the situation with your partner in an effective way. 

You are entitled to ban, unfollow, or mute users on social media if you feel they are orbiting you. They don’t deserve your attention or any kind of justification. Additionally, you are entitled to ignore other people’s actions on social media and concentrate on your own pleasure.

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