A new study has found another magical healing power from an ancient plant family. And guess what we all have been consuming this herb in our drinks for ages if you are guessing mint then bullseye. Yes, we have been using mint in mojitos, salad dressings, and dips. But today we’ll discuss how this ancient plant is beneficial to the human body.

Along with mint, other herbal plants belonging to the same family basil, rosemary, sage, and even teak stimulate our senses of taste and aroma. According to the research held at Michigan State University by the development of their biochemistry, these plants’ particular natural traits have varied, bringing up the prospect of future usage in domains like medicinal and herbicide manufacture. 

The scientists at the university believe this ancient plant; mint enzymes might help them to be natural, pleasant-smelling insect repellants in the future.

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Species of the mint family herbs are easily recognize because of their specific metabolites says researchers. Metabolites are the intermediate products found during the process of metabolism which are processed by numerous enzymes found inside cells. These very tiny Molecules are commonly referre to as metabolites.

Basically, these metabolites act as fueling agents, structural shapes, and inhibit certain enzymes. In short, they act as a defense mechanism and interact with other species.

When we are talking about the connection between mint and men’s health we are particularly talking about sexual health. 

You have probably heard of aphrodisiac herbs like ashwagandha, Tribiulas, and Korean ginseng. This ancient plant too has natural plant compounds that work as an aphrodisiac agent.  

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The most popular claim about mint; the ancient plant is that it’s believe to have the ability to naturally numb the penis. The hypothesis holds that conducting oral sex on an erect penis following consumption of mint substance temporarily desensitizes the junk, allowing it to remain firmer for a longer duration during sex. However, applying mint oil is believe to do the same. 

So the premise is that putting a minty substance on a hard cock might numb it enough to function as a ‘delay spray.’ There has been no research to suggest that applying mint to the erect penis would enable couples to enjoy longer intercourse. However, it is recommend to not put any foreign substance on your junk unless you are fairly sure. In case you are going through sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction pills like Cenforce 100 and Vidalista Black 80 might definitely help you out.

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