The strongest emotion in each and every possible cosmos is love, we believe. It can get beyond any difficulty, mend any injury, and bring any heart together. Love, however, is not always welcomed or simple. It occasionally experiences violence, oppression, and prejudice. On June 12, 2023, we will observe National Loving Day as a result.

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This day celebrates the bravery and tenacity of mixed-race couples who battled for their right to fall in love and get married. It also serves as a reminder of the beauty and variety of love in all of its manifestations. Join us as we examine the origins, importance, and appropriate ways to memorialize National Loving Day with your loved and cherished ones. 

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What Is National Loving Day?

Every year, on the twelfth day of June, a nation remembers a love that defied the law. A love that challenged the prejudice and oppression of a system that tried to keep two races apart. A love that triumphed in the highest court of the land, when the justices declared that no state could deny the right to marry based on skin color. This is Loving Day, a merrymaking of the courage and conviction of Richard and Mildred Loving, who fought for their marriage and changed history.

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What is Loving Day History? 

There was a statement released by the Supreme Court of the united states in 1967 saying, No matter the color of their skin, each person can love and wed whom they please, without the state meddling in their affairs. 

National Loving Day is commemorated every year on the 12th of June and the same will be honored this year too. You might be wondering why such a statement was released by the court and why national loving day is celebrated every year. So here is the rich history of this joyous day. 

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The case of Loving v. Virginia inspired the statement we are talking about, when Richard and Mildred Loving, two people belonging to different ethnicity from Virginia, defied the law and tied the knot in 1958. 

Mildred and Richard grew up as friends and fell in love over time. They exchanged vows in Washington on Mildred’s 18th birthday in 1958 and went back to their hometown. But their bliss was short-lived, as they were arrested by the law two weeks later. They didn’t know that their state forbade marriage between different races. To avoid jail, the Lovings agreed to leave Virginia. 

After relocating to Washington DC, the couple sought legal help from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. The case was taken up by the American Civil Liberties Union and finally in the end Lovings were declared the winners. Mildred and Richard returned to their loving Virginia house where they had reared their three children. By challenging the legislation that forbade their love, the couple was granted permission to wed.

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When Is National Loving Day 2023?

National loving day 2023 is just around the corner so brace yourself to get overwhelmed and flooded with love & compassion on this 12th of June. In fact, National Loving Day 2023 was celebrated with so much enthusiasm all over the internet and flooding social media while referencing #LovingDay.  So what can you do to make this special day even more special? 

Join us to spread the wave of love just like cherry blossoms blooms and spreads their petals in the spring. 

  • Throw a party or attend one with friends and relatives of other races, and make them feel welcome. 
  • Post tales and images of mixed-race couples using the hashtags #lovingday and show your support and love. 
  • Educate yourself as well as others about the history, meaning, and current struggles of interracial relationships and families. 
  • Bolstering communities and initiatives that work to achieve justice and equity against discrimination. 
  • Show love and thankfulness for your soulmate, no matter the color of their skin or the roots of their culture.

Celebrate the triumph of love over hate, the victory of freedom over oppression, and the joy of diversity over uniformity. Happy National Loving Day 2023!

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