In contemporary culture, men’s mental health is frequently disregarded or ignored, despite the fact that it is critically important to their well-being and happiness. The biggest cause of mortality for males between the ages of 15 and 29 is suicide, and one in four men will at some time in their lives have a serious mental health problem. However, because of stigma, prejudices, and societal expectations, many men find it difficult to ask for help or voice their emotions. Men’s Mental Health Month, observed annually is a crucial chance to spread awareness, dispel stereotypes, and provide support for men who are battling in silence.

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We’ll discuss some of the main problems that influence men’s mental health in this article, including stress, anxiety, depressive disorders, addiction, and trauma, and we’ll offer some advice on coping with these problems and getting support for men’s health in 2023.

When Is Men’s Mental Health Day?

June is the month of men not just in the USA but internationally. Because the month celebrates paternal bonds as well. Yes, you guessed it right 18th of June tributed to Father and those who played a father’s role in our lives. This is the perfect occasion to honor each and every man in our lives by encouraging them to speak up and look out for their mental health.  

It is important to diagnose the issue before advising a solution and the same thing goes with the mental health issue. This issue is more than merely a psychological condition, if your mental health is compromised it can significantly affect your physical health as well. For instance, erectile dysfunction is one of the leading causes of poor mental health. However, you can simply treat it with Cenforce 100 or Fildena 100.

If you think depression is the only kind of mental illness then mate it’s just one of many. The leading five conditions affecting men’s mental health are Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, psychosis, eating disorder, and depression itself. These are just some of the leading factors of poor mental health state if you are gonna look at numbers it will shock you even more. 

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Statistics of Men’s Mental Health Condition 

According to Mental Health America, unconscious avoidance of the issue and lack of knowledge pertaining to the same are huge factors contributing to such large numbers of poor mental health cases. 

  • Over 6 million men in the U.S. experience depression each year, yet plenty of them don’t get diagnosed or seek assistance.
  • While Anxiety disorders affect 19.1 million American people between the ages of 18 and 54. Three million of them have phobias like agoraphobia, panic disorder, or other particular phobias that make them extremely afraid of certain things or places and prevent them from going near them.
  • Bipolar disorder and psychosis affect 2.3 million and 3.5 million US men respectively.

The majority of these problems often lead to eating disorders which further birth other bodily ailments. According to data, 35% of depressed males engage in binge eating. This unhealthy eating habit leads to obesity and fatal heart diseases.

How Did International Men’s Day Come About?

Keeping in consideration the importance of men’s health, the concept of International Men’s Day was introduced on 19th November 1999. since then the day is celebrated every year. Uplifting the issues that men face in their day-to-day lives is the moto of the international men’s day.

Thomas Oaster, a professor at the University of Missouri, first proposed the proposal to observe the day in 1992. When Trinidad and Tobago history lecturer Jerome Teelucksingh re-launched the festival in 1999 with a new viewpoint, the commemoration gathered traction. Since then, the festival has been attended by more than 50 nations, with various themes and goals for each year.

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Men’s Health: A Simple Motto For a Healthier And Happier Life For Men

Ahead of this Men’s mental awareness day let’s focus on the new beginning by focusing on solutions rather than problems. These are some tips to improve the mental health of yourself or the men in your life.  

Understand Yourself And Reject Male Stereotypes And Norm

Society molds us according to societal expectations from a very young age, which we ironically call stereotypical behavior of society. Many times to keep up with these norms we forget to look after our mental health.  

We have a face for every occasion, and being pretentious has become a thing. We would be wrong to accept that men are particularly considered to be strongest in every aspect, but in reality, they are not. Men are human beings too and they need as much morale support as women.   

Often when boys cry they are being told to ‘man up’ or ‘Crying is for girls’. This absurd thinking of society needs to be changed urgently.

Increase Your Social Network

Humans are considered to be social animals. For our welfare, social assistance is essential. That’s why we must constantly surround ourselves with loving, understanding, and supporting relatives and friends so that we can communicate about our feelings. They may improve our mood, help us deal with stress, and inspire us to advance.

Take Pp Hour Hobbies 

Many times in the hustle of daily life we often forget to enjoy the things we used to love such as our hobbies. Do you remember how much you loved to Paint, sketch or play guitar? We all have hobbies but as we grow material success becomes of utmost importance than anything else. 

So now is the time because it’s international men’s health month, don’t neglect your mental health just for the sake of materialistic things. Take up your hobby and engage in them more often.

Get Physically Fit

Physical and mental health is like two tires of a bike. Even one busted tire will stop you from reaching your destination. Exercise is a natural anxiety and antidepressant. According to studies, engaging in at least 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week can reduce your risk of developing mental health problems. You can select any cardiovascular exercise, such as brisk walking, cycling, running, hiking, swimming, or high-intensity interval training.

Mind Your Diet and Get Enough Sleep 

Your nutrition has a huge impact on your mental health and brain function. Even while you sleep, your brain is working nonstop to maintain your health and survival. You should thus feed your brain nutritious meals and beverages that can improve your mood and general well-being. Consider your brain as the engine that drives your body.

Stay Away From Every Kind Of Substance Abuse 

The majority of American men use alcohol or illegal drugs when they feel depressed or down, according to reports. They may use drugs or alcohol to escape from their problems or to feel better. However, this coping method is not so far from addiction. 

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