Most individuals are in denial that guys can also benefit greatly from kegel exercises. According to them, this workout regimen is meant for females who are expecting a baby. But that is completely misleading, this exercise is hugely beneficial for men also and especially to toughen up the pelvic muscles which can help avoid sexual dysfunctionalities like impotence of erectile dysfunction. Though this pelvic floor exercise helps women a great deal it can be miraculous too for men’s health. 

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What Are Kegel Exercises?

Pelvic floor exercises also known as Kegel exercises are nothing but a workout plan that is used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These pelvic muscles regulate the passage of urine, feces, and wind while supporting the urinary tract, bladder, and intestines. They also have an impact(in positive ways) on male erections during coitus.

The following factors may contribute to men’s poor pelvic muscles:

  • severe Bronchitis 
  • Prostate cancer surgery 
  • Difficulty passing stool 
  • Pelvic Trauma or Surgery 
  • Obesity 
  • Repeatedly doing a lot of hefty lifting
  • uncontrollable bladder
  • Lack of physical exercise 
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How To Do Kegel Exercises?

Here are a few fundamental principles or recommendations to go by when performing kegels since it’s crucial to do it correctly in order to avoid inflicting more harm than good. If you have been using Cenforce 200 and Super Tadapox for impotence, doing kegels will be a bullseye. 

  • The most important and initial step in performing Kegel exercises is to determine which muscles to use. To find your correct pelvic floor muscles, stop peeing mid-flow or tension the muscles that keep you from passing wind or gas. The pelvic floor muscles are used in these motions. These workout techniques are somewhat identical to the yoga postures. If kegel exercises are difficult you can replace them with yoga
  • While you might first spot it simpler to engage in the exercises while Sitting down or in a lying posture. 
  • The second step is to master your strategy. After you’ve located the correct muscles, try tightening and releasing them for three seconds. Repeat it a couple of times consecutively. Start performing this whilst seated, standing, or even moving as your kegel floor gets better.
  • Concentrate on your breathing patterns. Just concentrate on toughening the muscles if you want better results. The muscles in your buttocks, thighs, or abdomen shouldn’t be clenched tight. Keep your breath as free as possible. Throughout the exercises, practice mindful breathing properly.
  • Perform kegel exercises three times daily. Try to complete a minimum of three sets of 10 reps each day.

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Kegel Exercises For Men: Advantages

Benefits Of Kegel Exercise For Men

There are numerous benefits of kegel exercises but talking for men it mostly helps in treating or preventing issues that affect sexual functions like Premature ejaculation and even Erectile Dysfunction. It can pretty much replace Sildenafil and Tadalafil

These are some of the benefits of kegel exercise for men;

  • Improves bladder control and enhances bowel movements 
  • Helps to improve the gastrointestinal tract 
  • Helps you in getting and maintain erections
  • Improves the circulation of blood which might help you to control diabetes and blood pressure somewhat. 
  • Assisting the bladder to fully drain
  • It also assists you a great deal in repairing delayed ejaculation

What Are The Drawbacks Of Males Using Kegel Exercises?

Although it is good for men’s sexual health overdoing it can reverse all the benefits you have achieved so far. And overdoing it can cause some irreversible damage to your bladder and all those organs that lie down there.

  • After you master those techniques, avoid performing them more than twice per month when you are peeing. Over time, performing the exercises while peeing might deteriorate your pelvic floor muscles and harm your kidneys and bladder.
  • Women’s vaginal muscles may contract excessively if they perform Kegel exercises improperly or use excessive effort. During sexual interaction, this could hurt. 
  • There is a high chance that if you quit doing this exercise your impotence might reappear. So, if you start it You might have to keep doing them. So if you lack patience then incorporating Sildalist or Vidalista 20 into your daily lifestyle might help you.
  • The most important point is once you start doing kegels the result might not appear immediately, it will take at least a month or two to show the effects. For better results, you might want to take Vilitra 60 along with the exercises.

Beginners Tips To Do Kegel Exercises

Male patients should consult their doctor if they are having trouble finding their right muscles. For specialized assistance with these activities, healthcare practitioners can recommend a physiotherapist or continence expert.

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Once you get the hold of your techniques it will eventually get simpler to stop or hold your pee if required. But if you do it too often, the pelvic floor muscles will get weaker. 

  • Keep breathing naturally without retaining it. Try mindful breathing along with exercises.
  • While pulling or pushing the muscles back and forth, tighten them.
  • Avoid tensing or straining muscles of hips, thighs, or abdomen.
  • Do not raise your toes, shoulders, and eyebrows.


Does Kegel exercise raise testosterone levels?

Kegel exercise is known to treat or prevent male sexual dysfunctions but it can boost your testosterone levels to some degree. And thus these increased testosterone levels help you achieve orgasm and beat premature ejaculation.

Can doing Kegel exercises make you bigger?

If you are just doing kegels for making your stuff bigger then please stop it right away. Kegel exercises help you to gain smooth blood flow to the male genitals so that your penis can get enough blood to get erect.

How to identify weak pelvic floor muscles?

So here are some of the signs that tell, you have weak pelvic floor muscles;
Urine leakage while coughing, sneezing, running, or laughing.
The sudden urge of peeing
Painful sex
when stooping or lifting, expelling gas from the vagina or anus

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