Hey fellas!! What is your favorite kissing style?  Let me guess it’s an Eskimo kiss or a French kiss, no? Is it an Angel kiss, doesn’t matter what is it. Because it’s the auspicious and beautiful occasion of International Kissing Day. Celebrate the day with your treasured & dearest ones with your favorite kiss. Is today International Kissing Day? No darlings, it’s not. Then when is it? Want to find out? Read on further the article to uncover more information and insights about the topic at hand. 

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Delve deeper into the details and explore different perspectives of International Kissing Day. 

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When Is International Kissing Day?

The day falls on the 6th of June every year. On this day, people often exchange kisses as a way to express affection and love. From pecks on the cheek to passionate embraces, kissing is a universal language that transcends boundaries and brings people closer together. 

In fact, Some businesses offer special discounts or promotions on products related to romance or affection, while others may organize events or contests centered around kissing, and the surprising fact is that many European countries actually do it. Additionally, International Kissing Day serves as a reminder to spread love and affection not just through physical gestures, but also through kind words and acts of kindness towards one another. 

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International Kissing Day History

This is a hidden gem of a celebration of lovers that most people overlook because overshadowed by the flashy and commercialized Valentine’s Day. It is World Kissing Day, a day to celebrate the most tender and powerful gesture of love. This amazing tradition began in the land of charm, the United Kingdom, and soon enchanted the world in the early years of the 21st century.

Kissing has a much deeper and more ancient origin than in modern times. In the days of old, when kings used to rule the world, kiss was a solemn act of reverence and fidelity towards the sovereign. Only in later ages did kiss become a symbol of romantic love and closeness between people. 

But as time passed and the modern world took control over the world the feelings of greed and deceit also took over human emotions. So don’t you think it’s high time to ignite true passion and love? We think International Kissing Day is the absolute right time for that. It’s time Admit your secret true love to that person and kiss them passionately on International Kissing Day 2023 but not on just this day, kiss them every now and then to show how much you mean to them. 

Why We Love International Kissing Day?

Why We Love International Kissing Day?

Kissing has infinite forms; a brief kiss, a deep kiss, a gentle cheek kiss, a loving forehead kiss, a nose rub, and many more. Whatever kind of kiss you exchange with your loved ones the aim is always the same; Love and Care. 

World Kissing Day is an occasion to honor the romance of a kiss, the passion of a lip, and the excitement of the tongue. Let’s find out how to kiss for joy rather than out of obligation or habit. We take back the ability of a kiss to bring us together, to enliven us, and to make us feel alive.

We value of kiss as a sign of love and passion, a gentle act of intimacy, as we have already stated. Because we are able to and want to, we kiss. It is, in our opinion, the most exquisite gift that God has ever bestowed on a person.

International Kissing Day isn’t necessarily for compassionate lovers, it’s for everyone, each and every person on the earth. Don’t back out on showing love to your parents, partners, siblings, friends, and even your lovely pets. 

In fact, we have also found you some amusing Kissing Day activities that you can enjoy with your close ones. 

  • Intimately but tenderly kiss your better half
  • Thinking back to your first kiss
  • Kiss your close acquaintance, a straight-up lip kiss will be too much so choose your kiss wisely. 
  • Studying the global history and traditions of kissing around the world.
  •  Most importantly take care of your oral hygiene 
  • Explore and experiment with different kiss’s techniques with your partner. 
  • Lastly do not forget to watch a romantic movie with your partner that has the most iconic kisses in it. 

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