Iverheal 6mg (Ivermectine 6)

Buy Iverheal 6 mg (Ivermectin 6) is a rapidly medicine for curing varieties of parasitic infections. It’s an anti-parasitic solution for those who suffer from parasites disease in their digestive tract eye, skin, or eyes. Free shipping on order above $249 world wide.


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Scabies, Filariasis


Healing Pharma, India


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6 mg

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Iverheal 6mg (Ivermectine 6) - 6 mg

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What is Iverheal 6mg?

Iverheal 6 mg is an oral pill that is used as an anti-parasitic medicine. It helps to cure various parasitic infections. It acts on almost all parts of the body including internal organs like the small intestine.

To find out the severity, your doctor will ask you to undergo certain types of tests.

The main active ingredient of Iverheal 6 mg is Ivermectin 6mg.

What are parasites?

Parasites are living organisms that depend on other living organisms for food. They take their food from the hosts’ bodies.

For example leech, mosquito, tapeworm, roundworm, etc.

What is a parasitic infection?

Since parasites are not a part of the host body, thus it sometimes affects the host body. For instance, we get mosquito bites almost each and every day but it generally does not affect us much apart from causing itchiness and slight redness in the area where we have been bitten. But, at certain times, the parasites not only feed on the host body but also make it their home and start to reproduce. This affects the host and causes what we call parasitic infection.

Depending on the area, the parasitic infection can be on the external body like armpits, the scalp of hair, private parts, etc, or in the internal body like on organs.

How are parasitic infections caused?

There are a number of ways in which parasitic infection can be caused. Some of them are:

Through Sexual Contact:

When you are having sexual activity with someone who is affected by a parasitic infection, the most likely you will be at risk too.

Unhealthy Water:

Certain times people in rural areas or places where there is s scarcity of water drink water that is not safe for drinking. Through this water, protozoa and helminths are spread in the human body.

Bug Bite:

There are some types of bugs and insects like mosquitoes, lice, fleas, bed bugs who are often carriers of various parasitic germs and infections. When another living organism gets bitten by these insects or bugs, that organism is under parasitic invasion.


If you are living or taking care of a person suffering from a parasitic infection, you must make sure you do not allow their blood to come in contact with your blood. If you are cleaning their injured area or wounds, always wear a pair of gloves and also a surgical mask.


Soil is home to almost all kinds of worms who are good are soil and plants but not for the human body. If you work in the garden make sure you wear gloves. Your nails may contain some soil and dirt which if goes along with food can cause parasitic infection on your internal organs.

Whatever may be the reason, it is advised to visit the doctor as soon as you get even a small visible infection and get yourself tested as what may be a treatable temporary problem might become a permanent one if left untreated for a long time. While many other drugs by different brands claim to help you, ivermectin 6 mg tablet is one of the best and instant result providers among all of them.

About Iverheal 6 mg

Buy ivermectin 6 mg Online at Medixpills. Iverheal 6 mg(Ivermectin) is an oral pill that is mainly used to cure parasitic infections of almost all kinds. Depending on your severity and other medical condition, you may have to consume it for days to up to weeks and even months in some cases. 

About the manufacturer

The drug is produced by an Indian company named Healing Pharma. It is a private pharmaceutical company established in 2017 and located in Mumbai, Maharastra. They have an annual turnover of Rs. 50 crore to Rs. 100 crore (500 million USD to 1 billion USD). The company sells its product Iverheal 6 mg to infected patients all over the globe with the help of its global distributors and suppliers.

Strength of Iverheal 6 mg

An exact amount of 6 milligrams of generic Ivermectin has contained in each pill of Iverheal 6 mg.

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What are the uses of Iverheal 600 mg?

Iverheal 6mg pills is used to cure mild to somewhat serious parasitic infections. Anyone who is suffering from parasitic infection has achieved considerable benefits after using Iverheal.

When should you consider having it?

The first thing that you should do is get yourself tested. Visit a doctor and let him/her guide advise you about the dosage and uses. Since internal infections are not visible to the naked eye, it is advised to go through a medical check-up at regular intervals even if there is no noticeable problem.

Where can you buy Iverheal 6mg tablet?

The drug is easily available. Buy Iverheal online is easy. It can be ordered from any of the online medicine stores as well as purchased from medical stores but it is strictly advised to be used only after consulting a doctor or a registered medical practitioner who has ample knowledge about the usage.

The other dosage forms that are currently manufactured and available in the market are:

How to use Iverheal 6 mg?

Iverheal 6 mg is an oral pill and can be consumed easily. It is better to swallow the pill rather than crush it and dissolve it in water. Swallow the pill will normal water and avoid any kinds of beverages immediately before and after taking the drug.  

Where should you store Iverheal 6 mg?

You should store Iverheal 6 mg in a cool dry place. Its composition and effects are affected by heat and humidity so try to keep it in a place that does not provide a surrounding like this. Keep it away from children and in a place where you do not mistakenly consume it with other drugs.

In case you miss an Iverheal 6mg dose

In case you miss a dose, your problem will be left untreated and thus it will delay your treatment. So you should take the pill as and when advised by your doctor.

Some of the side effects that are mostly found in patients consuming it

The use of this may (or may not) have the following side-effects:

  • Headache and/or Dizziness
  • Muscle pain along with pain in the joints
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Redness of Eyes with blurry vision and itching
  • Mild Fever

Most of these side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they last longer than expected or if you’re worried about them.

When should you stop taking the drug and seek medical help?

While the side-effects mentioned above are not persistent and disappear even without being noticed, in some cases you might need to visit a doctor and seek medical help:

  • When you have a high fever for more than a day
  • If you are so dizzy that you are unable to walk or even stand
  • The itching in your eyes are uncontrollable
  • Body ache is unbearable

Things to avoid while using Iverheal 6 mg

  • Consumption of alcohol or any drink containing alcohol.
  • Do not over consume the drug. If you think it is not working visit your doctor and ask for advice.
  • Do not eat too much unhealthy or junk food when you are on Iverheal 6 mg.
  • Do not go to places where you might come in contact with the infection while you are in your healing stage.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What will happen if I miss multiple doses?

Ans. Missing multiple doses will not cause any life-threatening situation but your treatment will be delayed. 

Q2. How many capsules do I have to take to completely cure the infections?

Ans. Depending on the severity of your problem, your doctor will tell you the exact requirement of doses. There is no specific dose. 

Q3. Will it affect my everyday activity?

Ans. If you do not have prolonged side effects, it won’t.

Q4. Can I drive after consuming it?

Ans. In some cases, people feel dizzy after consuming it. If no such side-effect is bothering you, you can drive.

Q5. Can it completely cure my infections?

Ans. It can help you treat your infections but its effect depends on the severity and your other medical conditions. You should consult your doctor in case you feel like you need one.

Q6. What if I accidentally consume an Iverheal 6 mg?

Ans. The first thing that you need to do is relax and do not panic. Drink a lot of fluids preferably normal water and visit the nearest clinic or health care as soon as possible.

Q7. How long do I have to consume it?

Ans. Depending on the severity, your doctor will suggest the exact number and duration of the course of medicine. It can be somewhere between a week to a few months and generally not more than that.

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