Imagine being imprisoned in a jail of rules where everyone is watching and controlling everything you do, including your breathing, movements, steps, and words you utter. You lack autonomy, speech, and independence. Even the slightest things, like a drink of water, a morsel of food, or a glimpse up at the sky, need begging. You constantly worry about being punished, rejected, or humiliated.

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Feels more like a puppet rather than a person, isn’t it? How would you feel if this was your life? Terrible right? Well, this one was a condition in the United States before independence day. Of course, it was not that strict but still they didn’t have equal rights in their own land. 

Since the 4th of July i.e., Independence Day of America is right around the corner let’s learn more about the celebrations, rights, brief history, and so on about the land of stripes and stars.

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What Is Independence Day?

Since July 4th of 1776 America has been commemorating this special day every year with so much joy, fireworks, and enthusiasm to mark and celebrate their freedom from Great Britain. To be more precise, a long time back i.e, before 1776 there didn’t exist 50 American states but 13 American colonies. British authorities ruled all these colonies and forbade Native Americans from enacting their own laws. Native Americans had to follow the instructions of the Brits.

This displeased Congress people, so they changed it. Five heads chaired the continental congress at the time: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman. On 28th June the committee drafted a Declaration of Independence and presented it before the congress party. The final wording was ratified by Congress on July 4 following several amendments; this day is now known as Independence Day in the US.


When Is Independence Day 2023?

Every year, on the glorious day of July Fourth, the nation of the United States celebrates its birth and freedom with a grand holiday. But sometimes, the stars align in such a way that the Fourth falls on a Sunday, an absolute day of rest and worship. In that case, the people of the United States extend their festivities to the next day, Monday the Fifth, and enjoy another day of liberty and joy.

And sometimes, the Fourth lands on a Saturday. Well, in that case, most of the loyal servants of the federal government get to start their celebration early, on Friday the Third, and revel in a long weekend of patriotism and pride.

Is Independence Day A Public Holiday?

On this special day usually, the learning walls & halls i.e, schools close. Some businesses also join the celebration and close their doors. Many workers seize the opportunity to extend their holiday and escape from the city. This can create a wave of travelers that clogs the roads and highways, especially towards the places where nature and adventure await.

The streets fill with festive events, colorful parades, dazzling shows, and spectacular fireworks. As public life celebrates and wonders at the sights and sounds, they might cause happy anarchy in the communities. The public transportation networks adapt to the pace of the vacation and do not operate according to their regular schedules. 

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The Wind-up

In fact, the day is so significant for the American people that many films were produced on the same matter to honor freedom and create awareness about it. One such film was ‘Independence Day 1996’ which left a massive impact on the audience with its captivating plot and stunning visual effects.

The movie served as a reminder to viewers of the value of sticking together in the face of difficulty by showcasing humanity’s resiliency and unity as they battled an alien invasion. Its success not only amused viewers all over the world but also strengthened the patriotic sentiment and respect for the freedom that Independence Day stands for.

So let’s come together with family, friends, and loved ones to celebrate Independence Day with sky-high enthusiasm and spirit. Happy Independence Day 2023!!! 

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