Earlier impotence was a word that used to be heard from older men mostly due to aging. But nowadays, young people aged 20 or over are frequently complaining about it more than usual. It’s understandable if you are an older man who is suffering from this condition. But getting this unfortunate condition in the 20s can be really stressful. According to Stats of worldwide survey, almost as high as 30% of males in their 20s to 40s have some degree of erectile dysfunction

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But what is the reason behind such an increase in ED numbers in young people? Don’t worry if you are a victim of this condition too. We have got some really cool tips and techniques to fix your impotence and get your bogie right on the track to take your sex life to the next level. 

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Is It Possible To Have Erectile Dysfunction At 20?

Imagine you are a boy and have just hit puberty. It’s a really exciting time for young adults. When boys attain maturity they are more inclined towards girls sexually because of hormonal changes. It’s the phase when they are emotionally feeble as well. 

Erectile Dysfunction at 20 might leave a significant burden that can weaken their willpower, self-esteem, confidence, and more importantly, the way they see themselves. It will only worsen if proper care, treatment, and adequate guidance are not given. Try Vilitra 20 or Malegra 100 to effectively cure your ED.

So this is Medixpill’s effort to guide youth before they step on the wrong elevator which will lead them on the wrong path.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction In Your 20s?

Erectile dysfunction has become a very common problem among men, so if you have one don’t panic. Panicking will only worsen the problem. Before you incorporate any therapeutic treatment, it’s important that what exactly ED is and what can be the cause. 

So what exactly Erectile Dysfunction is? A mere few times failure to get an erection is not ED. Again if a man is engaging in sex for the first time there is a high likelihood of erection failure. However, if it’s happening every time you are engaging in Coitus it can be ED or impotence. We at Medixipills totally encourage you to get a detailed diagnosis in such cases to get adequate information that can further be used for suitable treatments. It can be either Sildenafil containing Cenforce 100, Vega 100, or any other. 

causes erectile dysfunction in your 20s

The inability to achieve or maintain a hard adequate erection for intercourse is known as erectile dysfunction. Although it may affect males of all ages, young men in their 20s may find it particularly upsetting. Different variables, including lifestyle, psychological, or physical conditions, might contribute to ED. You must pinpoint the underlying cause of your ED in order to properly cure it and enhance your sexual performance. In this post, we’ll go over some of the typical reasons why young men get ED and how those reasons could affect erectile function.  

1. Hypertension or high blood pressure 

Along with impotence, cases of high blood pressure are also rising among youngsters. High blood pressure, sometimes known as hypertension, is also one of the reasons for ED. Over time, hypertension can damage your blood vessels and reduce the amount of blood that flows through your body. Due to the necessity for adequate blood supply to the penis when you are sexually stimulated, this may make it difficult for you to achieve or maintain an erection. In such cases, pills like Vidalista 80 and Super Tadapox will definitely help you out.

Additionally, having high blood pressure might result in reduced amounts of sex hormones like testosterone. Given that it has an impact on your libido, energy level, and mood, testosterone is crucial for your sexual well-being and performance.

2. Over-weight or obesity 

There was much research and studies carried on to find the link between obesity and ED. The results were clear-cut, ED can significantly affect those who are of higher weight. Just like hypertension, obesity also impairs blood flow due to excessive fat gathered in the body. The only alternative that can save you from ED and other deadly heart disease is losing weight. 

In fact, losing unnecessary fat can aid in boosting testosterone levels leading to satisfied sexual life

3. Diabetes 

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can harm neurons and blood vessels, which compromises sexual function. Penis nerves receive messages from the brain, while blood veins provide blood to the penis. Damaged blood vessels mightn’t be able to adequately nourish the penis or send the impulses that cause an erection, which might result in ED or worse quality erections. Manage your blood sugar levels while also using Sildigra 100 or Tadaflo 20mg tablets to improve erections.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant that has an impact on the central nervous system (CNS). It can decrease blood flow, depress blood pressure, and mess with your nerve impulses. Your capacity to get and sustain an erection may be hampered by these side effects.

Depending on how much and how frequently you drink, you run the chance of developing ED. You are more prone to develop ED if you drink regularly or frequently than if you only drink sometimes or moderately. You could observe a detrimental effect on the quality of your erection even if you just drink sometimes.

5. Substance abuse

Whether it be alcohol, smoking or the use of illicit drugs can crash your party at any time. These substance abuses may mess up your brain a big deal. 

These substances might temporarily make you feel wonderful, but they are harmful to your penis. They can damage your blood vessels, reduce blood flow, interfere with nerve impulses, and alter your hormone levels. You may struggle to get and maintain an erection as a result of these factors.

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6. Fear of sexual performance

This is usually the case for first-timers, who are engaging in sex. Performance anxiety occurs mainly due to insecurity about body parts, low-self esteem, and lack of self-confidence. Generally, it gets repairs on its own. If this is your case give yourself some time to heal. 

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Erectile dysfunction in 20 years old is substantially rising and the causes are very obvious. We looked upon some very common causes of ED in 20-year males. But how can they fix it? The simple answer is changing a negative lifestyle into a positive one. Incorporating healthy meals in daily lives, regular exercises, limiting alcohol consumption, proper stress management, and properly training the mind through meditative strategy. 

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