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How To Order

At Medix pills, we always look out for our customers so they don’t face any inconvenience while shopping with us. So if you are shopping on Medixpills for the very first time this step-by-step guide will accompany you till your checkout. Still, if you have any queries, you can simply contact us through our email or on our phone.

Also, read the Terms & Conditions to make your vision more clear.

1. Lookup The Product

The very first thing you will do when visiting our website is to look up the medicines you want to buy. Medix pills offer a huge variety of medicational categories such as ED pills, Neuropathic pain relievers, Skeletal muscular pain relievers, Antibiotics, Antiparasitic, Heart health, and many more. But we are well known for ED drugs. Visit the homepage of the website to explore the options. 

Additionally, Medixpills celebrate all festive seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays with exciting offers and discounts. If you are not purchasing Medix pills trust us you are missing out on some major deals.

2. Add Them To The Cart

Once you are done selecting the medications, add all of them to the cart. Your cart page will consist of the details of the medication you are planning to buy. For instance the number of particular packs, the total & subtotal. You can also add and remove the products from the cart by simply clicking on the plus & minus signs. 

If you are satisfied with your purchase you can proceed further by clicking the checkout button shown on the cart page.

3. Checkout

After clicking the checkout button, you will be directed to a page with a form that you must complete before you can proceed. The form contains the following blocks;

  • The top of the form consists of a link where you can add coupon codes if you have any. 
  • Then comes your Email id, Name, Residential address, Postal code, Phone no. etc. Double-check all the details as this is very important and the delivery will take place at the address you have mentioned here.
  • Then you have to fill in some additional information like your physician’s name, phone number, and a few other questions.   
  • Lastly, you need to upload a digital copy of your prescription and you can proceed to make payment. 
  • You will be given options to make a payment i.e., through a credit/debit card. From there you can proceed by providing the details like your CVV number, your credit/debit card number, etc.

4. Mission Shopping Accomplished

After your payment process is successfully completed you will come across a digital copy of your bill. And the same will be sent to you on your email id. Keep that bill until you get the delivery of your package. If you are concerned about your package check out our detailed shipping policy.

If you are shopping from Medixpills during the festival time you may also get coupons that can be used to get huge discounts on your next purchase. Medixpills is the best place for safe and secure shopping.