Sexual health is surrounded by a lot of myths. One of the most debated topics is ‘Masturbation causes erectile dysfunction.’ It has been a common myth believed for ages, especially for men. This is why men are always curious to understand Can masturbation cause ED? It’s time to learn that masturbation is a natural body activity and has no link to ED.

Still, no scientific evidence exists that masturbation is behind ED. Studies and research have found that it is an extremely common bodily activity. Over 74% of males report that they enjoy self-pleasure activities. Moreover, masturbation increases testosterone levels and boosts sexual health. In this post, we will discuss the effects of masturbation, what causes ED, its medications and other facts. 

What Does Research Tell About Masturbation and Erectile Dysfunction?

Many researchers have clearly stated that masturbation doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction. Masturbation is highly reported in males compared to females. And there was no clinical research proof there is a connection between Masturbation and erectile dysfunction. According to Planned Parenthood, masturbation helps in boosting health conditions. It eases tension, reduces stress, and enhances sleep.

Males usually do not get to the erection zone sooner after masturbation which is call the male refractory period. It is always mistaken with ED. Therefore, Masturbation and ED are in no way connect. The refractory period is known as the recovery time before getting to the erection point after ejaculating.

There are proven studies and research by scientists who bring to an end that Erectile Dysfunction is not caused due to masturbation. But research says that if a person is facing difficulty to get an erection or holding it on while masturbating, it is a sign of ED. However if the signs are mild it can cure with Fildena 100 or Vidalista 20

Research shows that age is one of the most common Risk Factors of ED. It is generally noticed in men over 40 years old. The inability to reach the erection point increases by 5% in men above 40, which extends to 15 at age 70.

Comparing Vardenafil And Sildenafil For Erectile Dysfunction

What Are The Actual Reasons Behind ED?

Erectile dysfunction is cause because of physical and psychological causes. The causes are vast and can lead to ED in younger men. Therefore, every man must be aware of the reasons behind erectile dysfunction. So, if you are looking for What actually causes erectile dysfunction in men? Here is the list of causes categorize into physical and psychological for a better understanding. 

What Are The Actual Reasons Behind ED?
  • Physical Causes 

Physical causes of ED are common, and most reported cases belong to this category. Even young men face difficulty in reaching an erection due to physiological causes. It includes obesity, cardiovascular or heart disease, diabetes, alcohol addiction, high cholesterol, chewing tobacco, chronic kidney disease and high or low blood pressure. There are also other health conditions such as atherosclerosis, difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight, Peyronie’s disease, sleep disorder, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis (MS).

Studies have also found that injury in the reproductive organs, surgeries for prostate problems, and treatment such as radiation therapy and prostate surgery can lead to ED. These physical conditions highly affect the sexual health of men. 

  • Psychological Causes 

Mental health conditions also significantly impact sexual health. A stress-free mind takes less time to get sexually active. When mental well-being is maintained, there is no need for masturbation or adult to keep men sexually active. But when people lead a stressful life or suffer from mental disorders, there is a chance of causing erectile dysfunction. 

Note that – There is also no link between Adult and ED affecting sexual health. 

The psychological causes of ED include stress – the most common factor with immense negative effects. It won’t let a person form an intimate relationship with their partner. Due to stress, men usually face difficulty in maintaining a romantic relationship.

Anxiety and depression are also common causes, which come from professional or personal life situations. These conditions will never lead to concentration on sexual life, making the body incapable of getting an erection. This is why men advise to check their mental conditions and consult a psychiatrist. some common medication used to treat these causes are therapy and certain oral pills such as Vidalista 40, Malegra 100 or even Suhagra 100.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Prevent?

Yes, erectile dysfunction can prevente with lifestyle changes. When you put little effort into your daily habits, then it can be easily prevented. Exercising at least an hour or half an hour a day can prevent ED. Also, avoid cigarettes and tobacco or limit their consumption. Alcohol consumption should also avoid or to preferred occasionally. People facing psychological problems leading to ED should practice meditation and medication for instance Aurogra 100 and Caverta 100. They can practice engaging in social activities or hobbies to reduce stress.

Finally, the discussion comes to an end. Masturbation doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction. It is completely a myth, and no facts support this. Moreover, as discussed, there is no evidence or research proof that masturbation causes erectile dysfunction. So, it’s safe to enjoy self-pleasure by masturbating.

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