The covid-19 pandemic has shaken people from the core. And it is obvious because, in a short amount of time, we have lost too much. Although Coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted disease still it is safe to practice all the necessary precautions before engaging in sexual activity. 

If you are thinking Covid-19 is long gone and there is nothing to worry about then I am sorry to inform you that even if the cases are reduced there is a high likelihood that it can strike back. 

So far the knowledge we have is not going to suffice. We know that COVID-19 is transmitted by particles produced by coughing or sneezing. You can also get affected via the saliva and mucus of an infected person. You can obtain it by contacting a surface that has lately been contaminated by someone who has COVID-19. 

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So this article will educate you on all the things to keep in mind while having sex in the post-coronavirus period. So let’s start from the basics and understand what is safe sex.

What Exactly Is Safe Sex?

Sex includes both oral sex and vaginal intercourse, so when you experience euphoria and pleasure without the danger of sexually transmitted illnesses that is called safe sex. 

Before covid-19 the world was familiar with these techniques to avoid STDs

  • Use of condoms, dental dams, or another type of barrier.
  • Getting regular check-ups for STDs. Otherwise, it can even leave you with permanent potency issues such as erectile dysfunction in men. If you are already suffering from one, try Sildenafil or Cenforce 150 for better sexual health.
  • Sharing STI diagnosis with your sexual partner.
  • When you’re at risk of developing HIV, you should use pre-exposure prophylaxis. 

But the con is all of the above options are effective up to 90% only. And now it has become even more complex. Covid-19 has changed the definition of safe sex to some extent. But one thing is sure Covid-19 is not a sexually transmitted disease.

Safer sex no longer refers solely to the potential of STD transmission. In the middle of a worldwide epidemic caused by a coronavirus that may be transmitted by a number of human fluids such as respiratory droplets, mucus, and sperm.  The notion of safe sex has broadened since covid-19. 

Nowadays along with eliminating the risk of STDs, it has become well-needed to take precautions to avoid Covid-19 also. 

Safe Sex: Tips 

Safe Sex Tips
  • Get tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis.
  • Obtain a COVID-19 vaccination and avoid contact until you’re completely immunized.
  • Put on a mask
  • Maintain at least a 6-foot distance from anyone outside your home.
  • Properly Sanitize surfaces after use by outsiders
  • properly wash your hands before and after engaging in sexual activity.
  • sterilize your sex toys after each use.
  • Avoid risky sexual activity.

Do Body Fluids Transmit COVID-19 During Sex? 

Well, the simple answer is Yes. The question is how exactly it transmits during sex. Covid-19 has the potential to spread out through mucus and saliva. And it is obvious before engaging in sex everyone makes out. So while kissing an infected person, saliva is the main carrier of the virus.  

In fact, being present in the same room as an infected person enhances the chances of spreading the virus even if they do not come into contact. According to the research published in the Journal of Gastroenterology in May 2020, even if a person’s respiratory tests are negative the virus still can be transferred to anyone through the mouth. 

While another study published in the journal of Clinical infectious disease stated the Covid-19 virus is not present in vaginal fluids or even in the semen of people who overcame covid-19. However, on the contrary note, the research by JAMA networks says Covid virus can be found in the sperm of sick people who have COVID-19 and are convalescing.  

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Public health is a vital subject of research that concentrates on the dangers of living in new relationships. Physicians caution that while deciding on something, it is critical to analyze the risk realistically and make educated selections. He further advises persons who telecommute for work to remain a safe distance for at least two weeks to ensure they don’t get COVID-19 symptoms.

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