Lately, the term ‘Food is Medicine’ bombarding the healthcare area. However, the concept is not so new. There has been a debate for very whether the government should include food and housing in the health care facilities. Furthermore, the most significant obstacle is getting insurers on the side. But we guess with the passing of time it’s going to change. And to prove that right, Kansas based start-up called ‘Free From Market’ or FMM is ready to change the picture of public health care facilities. 

As stated by the CEO of FMM the reason behind the start-up was, One in every three Americans has a disease for which diet is a fundamental component of treatment, however, most people lack access to the food and resources required to treat it. 

Whereas the FFM provides carefully design foodstuff which is devoid of items a person does not need and is packed with all the nutritional elements they require to sustain a healthy lifestyle and to give a new meaning to ‘Food is Medicine’.

Food is the cause and remedy of every illness. Even if we are talking about poor sexual health, there is food. And at Medix pills, we totally promote the idea of food along with good sexual health. Try out the medixpills best products; Vidalista 20 & Super Tadapox and support the idea of ‘Food is Medicine’.

Food has a substantial role in an individual’s health and wellness. And it is likely that those who have adequate access to nutritional food will have robust immunity, safe pregnancy, and a lower chance of heart disease and diabetes. But people who lack these nutrients are greatly suffering from several health conditions. That’s Why the Concept of food or ‘Food is medicine’ really needs to include in the healthcare system.

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“Food is Medicine”

The concept of using food as medicine is based on the understanding that nutritious foods plays a significant part in illness prevention and treatment. 

Food and nutrition prioritize in a person’s health care plan with the aim of avoiding, lessening symptoms, or reversing a condition or illness, however, the term “food is medicine” has really no specific definition.

The emphasis is on consuming more whole, minimally processed organic meals and consuming fewer processed foods or unhealthy or non-nutritious foods that are heavy in processed sugar, fat, and salt.

New Medicine From An Ancient Plant Family

The ‘Food is Medicine’ idea is based on the therapeutic capabilities of foods. These foods with high quantities of certain micronutrients or biomolecules are referred to as Functional food.

The prevalence of chronic diseases and the expense of healthcare have both grown globally, with the treatment of individuals with at least one chronic condition accounting for an average of 86% of healthcare budget spending in the United States alone.

Food inequality and the lack of access to wholesome meals in poor areas need to tackle in order to promote improved health and reduced healthcare expenses. Implementing “food is medicine” might cut healthcare expenditures.

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