So whenever you hear someone is going through sexual dysfunction the first thought that crosses the mind is either Erectile dysfunction or Ejaculation issues. But in reality, sexual dysfunction is wider than that it includes much more than just ED, Premature ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation. The male genitalia consists of many parts and issues with even one of them can cause sexual dysfunction. 

Penis issues may suggest a hidden medical concern. Constantly having problems with your penis might have a negative effect on other aspects of your life, such as relationships or your self-confidence. Understanding the warning signs and symptoms of penile issues as well as the preventative measures are very important. 

So let’s learn about the penis and the issues that can lead to sexual dysfunction. 

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What Is The Penis?

The penis is a part of the male reproductive structure or also referred to as a sexual organ. However, three components make up the whole penis.

  • The base or root (attached to the lower part of the abdomen).
  • The Shaft or body 
  • Lastly the head or tip

However, the Penis is covered with a ‘foreskin’, which can counte as a part, but generally, Penis is referred to in three parts only. 

How Does Your Penis Function And Stay Healthy?

There exists a small opening or aperture at the tip of the penis which is the tube responsible for carrying both urine and sperm from the body.

But that were just the outer parts, the inner parts are more complicated and primarily responsible for erection activities. The inside consists of chamber-like structures which give a cylindrical look to the Penis. A unique type of spongy tissue named Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Sponigosum, make up those chambers. These chambers include hundreds of enormous caves that fill up with blood when a guy is sexually stimulated or achieves orgasm. 

So any Penis problems can have an impact on a man’s fertility and sexual performance not just erectile dysfunction. 

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Diseases Or Conditions That Lead To Sexual Dysfunction

The following are some issues with sexual activity, sexual function, and penile health:

Erectile Dysfunction:

As we discussed earlier, the most common form of sexual dysfunction that every man faces once in a lifetime. It is a problem where men face difficulties achieving or maintaining a hard erection throughout the coitus. This can be the result of a lack of blood flow which can be again because of any underlying physical or neurological disorder. 

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Ejaculation Issues:

Again ejaculation issues are further divided into three parts i.e, Premature ejaculation, Delayed ejaculation, and retrograde ejaculation. These all can potentially Detroit your sex life. 

Reduced libido:

Libido refers to men’s sex drive. And this varies widely and can occasionally be affected negatively by things like exhaustion or worry. Aging is the common cause of low libido. But frequent low sex drive can affect one’s relationship and sex life. In such cases treatment becomes essential. 

Male Anorgasmia:

Anorgasmia can be experienced by both males and females. It is a condition of the failure to experience an orgasm in spite of sufficient stimulation. 


An ongoing, typically uncomfortable, and painful erection that isn’t brought on by orgasm or sexual excitement. The erection may even last for hours. If it isn’t treated immediately it can fracture the penis. 

Penile Cancer:

It can first appear as a blister or bump on any of the parts of the penis and later starts oozing pus. This can permanently affect the functioning of the Penis. 

Peyronie’s Disease:

A persistent disorder that causes the penis to produce aberrant tissue scarring, frequently leading to crooked or uncomfortable erections. 

STDs(sexually transmitted diseases):

Now STDs can be really scary thatswhy the schools and colleges run programs every now and then to spread awareness. Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and genital herpes are some of the most frequent STDs. they even lead to other conditions like erectile dysfunction. 

Penile Injury:

some sort of external injury or penile fracture while having sexual intercourse is another form of sexual dysfunction. 

Phimosis and Paraphimosis:

phimosis is a disorder where the uncircumcised penis’s foreskin is unable to retract from the penis head, leading to painful urine output and erection.

While paraphimosis is referre to as a condition when the foreskin is unable to fall back into its palace once retracted. 

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In What Ways Can I Maintain The Health Of My Penis?

It is your duty to look after your penis and its health. So here are a few steps to follow if you don’t know how to keep your junk healthy. 

  1. Sexual responsibility is a must: Even a kid knows these days what are safe sex practices. Use condoms or stay in a sexual relationship with one person and make sure they have undergone testing and are STI-free. 
  1. Vaccination is a must: Consider getting HPV vaccination if you’re under 26 years old to help avoid malignancies linked to the infection. And get your check-ups done at regular intervals. 
  1. Active physique: If you want your sex life to flourish remaining physically active is necessary. Physical inactivity can invite chronic diseases which might be hard to get rid of. Obesity is one of the frequent problems these days that can lead to erectile dysfunction later.

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