Cenforce 200 mg (Sildenafil Citrate)


Cenforce 200 mg is also Known as Sildenafil Citrate and is widely used to cure Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence in men. Buy Cenforce 200mg Online now. Free delivery on the orders above $249.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


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What is Cenforce 200 mg?

Cenforce 200 mg is an oral pill produced by Centurion Laboratories in India. These oral pills contain sildenafil citrate as the main ingredient in a dosage of 200 mg and are used for erectile dysfunction more popularly known as impotence. This is considered to be one of the most effective ailments in the treatment of malady for males when their sexual organs are not functioning properly. The drug is sold under the brand name of sildenafil 200 mg tablets all over the USA. Can I take 200 mg of sildenafil citrate? It is a prescription drug and thus can only be taken when prescribed by a doctor or a registered medical practitioner. 

What is erectile dysfunction?

In simple words, erectile dysfunction, or what is commonly referred to as impotence in men is a condition where a man is unable to get an erection. This in turn results in causing problems not only during sex but also makes it quite difficult to satisfy the partner. Thus it causes a sense of being a failure and decreases self-confidence and affects not only professional life but also personal life.

The fact which is quite disturbing is that in earlier days couple of years ago it was a problem that was only seen in men who were quite old and involved in little to no sexual activities in their life but now it is seen in younger men as well. We are so much busy in our daily activities and work that we get little to no time for recreation and relaxation Thus we are constantly in a stressful situation that affects us both mentally and physically. Stress is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

While stress is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction, it is not the only cause. Some of the other causes are mentioned below:


If a man has been in a situation previously where he could not get an erection while having sexual intimacy, he may suffer from low self-esteem and anxiety whenever he is in a similar situation as the previous experience becomes a trauma in the current situation.


To tackle the daily hectic situation, working individuals take the help of tobacco and alcohol and in certain cases anti-depressants which may help them to get what they want but at the cost of affecting them and causing certain diseases, erectile dysfunction is one of them. 


Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused when there is an inadequate supply of blood in the penis. Certain medical conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases may be the reason behind ED. That is why ED is quite normal in older men or men suffering from certain medical conditions.


If the person has been in an unfortunate accident where his genital gets injured, he might be at risk of developing this condition as the accident may damage the blood vessels which may reduce or emit the blood flow.


In cases where you are having a hard time in the relationship with your partner and there is a tense situation between the both of them, the man might find it difficult and at times impossible to get an erection even though he is perfectly healthy.

Whatever may be the reason, it is advised to visit the doctor as soon as possible and get yourself tested as what may be a treatable temporary problem might become a permanent one if left untreated for a long time. There are many drugs available I the market with sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, and avanafil vardenafil as the main ingredient. This will provide the necessary solution to the problem of the individual and provide the desired result. While many other drugs by different brands claim to help you, Cenforce 200 tablet is one of the best and instant result providers among all of them. 

About Cenforce 200 mg

The oral pill Cenforce 200 mg is used to increase the strength of your erections to a great extent. By reducing the symptoms of ED, this oral drug aims at curing erections. Each pill includes 200 milligrams of Sildenafil, which will last for about 4 to 5 hours depending on the biological condition of the person consuming it. The effect of the pill is at its highest after around an hour of consumption so to get the maximum benefits it is advised to take it about 30 to 60 minutes before having sex.

About the Manufacturer

Centurion Laboratories was established in the year 2006. It is located in Vadodara, Gujrat. They have an annual turnover of Rs. 100 crore (13366680 $) to Rs. 500 crore (66833400 $). Among the total production, 20-40% is exported while the rest are sold in the country itself. Their leading export country is Mongolia. The company sells its product Cenforce 200 to ED patients all over the globe with the help of its global distributors and suppliers.

Strength of Cenforce 200 mg

An exact amount of 200 milligrams of generic Sildenafil is contained in each pill of Cenforce 200 mg.

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What are the uses of Cenforce 200 mg?

Cenforce 200 mg is used to cure erectile dysfunction by increasing the strength of the penis. Any male who is suffering from ED can be significantly benefited as this medication has been proven to cause an erection when consumed.

When should you consider having it?

First of all, no dose of Cenforce however mild it may be is sold without a prescription from a doctor a registered medical practitioner. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and you realize that it is something that is not caused by the influence of any other drugs or any kind of anxiety due to performance pressure, you should consult a doctor immediately. Then the doctor will diagnose you and provide you with the exact dose that you need.

Where can you buy Sildenafil 200mg?

The drug is easily available.  It can be ordered from any of the online medicine stores as well as purchased from medical stores. Since Cenforce 200mg is the highest dosage form of sildenafil it is strictly advised to be used only after consulting a doctor or a registered medical practitioner who has ample knowledge about the usage.

The other dosage forms that are currently manufactured and available in the market are

How can you buy Cenforce Viagra 200mg black pills?

Cenforce 200 mg Viagra can be bought both online as well as offline from any medical store in the market after providing the prescription. It is advisable for your personal benefit that you compare the Cenforce 200 price on various websites and find the one that is chapter to the others. Also while doing so make sure that the website where you are checking is authentic and genuine. Once you are well learned about all the necessary details, you can order it from the most desirable and preferred website. 

How does Cenforce 200 mg do the required job?

The main ingredient in the pills as mentioned earlier is 200 mg of generic Sildenafil. This acts by inhibiting PDE-5 hormones. As a result of this effect, the cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) hormone is secreted more and more. cGMP is a common regulator of ion channel conductance,  glycogenolysis, and cellular apoptosis. Its function is to relax smooth muscle tissue which in turn results in vasodilation and increased blood flow. As blood flow through the tissues of the penis, it rises, and the sensitivity increases. We can easily find that it is working when we visualize the erection we get. 

How to use Cenforce 200 mg?

The correct dose will be prescribed by your doctor once you visit him/her with your problem. Don’t over consume the drug and only consume once a day. While significant tests have shown it to be more effective when I took 200mg viagra on an empty stomach, it is advisable to have it at least with a little and preferably healthy low-carb diet.  What one should never forget is to consume an adequate amount of water when consuming the oral pill.

Where should you store Cenforce 200 mg?

Like most medicines, Cenforce 200 mg should be kept in a cool and dry place with low humidity. Any temperature within 10 to 30 degrees Celsius (50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) is preferable for storage. Keeping it for a prolonged time in temperatures outside this range may reduce the effect of the drug.

In case you miss a dose

In case you miss a dose, your treatment will be hampered and thus it might take more time to finally tackle the problem. So you must at all costs consume the pill as and when advised by your doctor.

Some of the side effects that the users have complained about the most

While taking sildenafil, a person can experience the following Cenforce 200 mg side effects:

  • Flushing of facial skin (Reddening and warming of the face)
  • Erection of the penis may be there even after hours of consumption which can be both painful as well as uncomfortable.
  • Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeats for a prolonged period even after sexual activity.
  • Chest pain gradually spreads to other parts like the jaw and shoulder.
  • Difficulty in breathing and abnormal breathing rate.
  • Dizziness, excessive sweating, and nausea even though you are either resting or performing very light activities.
  • Pain in the urinary bladder. 
  • Difficulty in seeing and vision being blurry and hazy.
  • Swelling of the face, especially tongue.

When should you stop taking the drug and seek medical help?

While mild side effects are quite normal and expected in people who are using for the first time or who use it rarely or maybe who used a slightly lower dose, in the following cases you should run to a nearby clinic or hospital and seek medical help immediately. 

  • When the erection is lasting for more than 4 hours even though the user is not performing any sexual activities or exposed to sexually pleasing surroundings.
  • When one feels discomfort in eyes or vision problems even though they consumed the dose and quantity prescribed by the doctor.
  • When one feels dizziness or ringing sound in ears.
  • If the drug causes any allergic reaction in the body.

Things to avoid while using Cenforce 200 mg

  • Alcohol or any drink containing alcohol should be strictly avoided and should not be consumed along with sildenafil as it can significantly reduce the efficiency of the drug. It can also reduce your blood pressure below the normal level and increase the risk of cardiac problems.
  • It has been often seen that this drug also reacts with any kinds of vitamins consumed just before or after taking the pill. Make sure you tell your doctor about all your current medications including herbal medicine.
  • Studies have shown that grapefruit may also interfere with the functioning of the drug. So it should be avoided as well.
  • Your doctor will also advise you to avoid any medicine containing the following: Amlodipine, Carbamazepine, Clarithromycin, Dexamethasone, Ketoconazole, Atazanavir, and Nitroglycerin as these react with Cenforce 200 mg and they might reduce the beneficial effects.

Things to keep in mind while using this drug

  • It is not advisable for males below 18 to use it as there have been some serious health problems including death.
  • It is advisable if you have a family history of kidney or liver problems as the drug affects the organs.
  • You should not use it before having sex with a pregnant woman as it can affect the child in the womb. 
  • You should avoid using it in certain situations where an erection for around 3-4 hours can make you uncomfortable. It is best advised to consume while having sex in your home or at least in any place other than the workplace or any place where there may be a lot of other people other than your partner.

Recap of all the necessary information regarding Cenforce 200 mg

  • The drug is used to tackle erectile dysfunction in males.
  • It is an alternate version of black Viagra pill.
  • The dose must be adjusted and consumed strictly as per the prescription of your doctor.
  • Take only one pill in a day or 24 hours.
  • You can take the medicine with or without food but it is advised to have a little food.
  • Drink an adequate amount of clean water.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does the erection stay?

Ans. While there is no exact time of how long you will have an erection but generally the erection lasts up to 4 to 5 hours depending on other biological conditions of the user.

Q2. What is the maximum and minimum age for consuming Cenforce 200 mg?

Ans. While the drug is safe for most people between the age group 18-85 years, it is advisable that people who are in their 60s or older undergo a medical check-up, especially for kidney and liver problems.

Q3. Does the use of Cenforce 200 cause any change in the shape and size of male gentile?

Ans. No, it only results in an erection. However, after consuming it there may be a slight swelling but that is temporary and will go away within a few hours.

Q4. What will happen if I miss multiple doses?

Ans. Missing multiple doses will not cause any life-threatening situation but your treatment will be delayed. 

Q5. Can I consume Cenforce 200 mg before bed after dinner?

Ans. Yes, you can but if you eat a heavy meal at dinner, the effects may not be the best you can have.

Q6. How many capsules do I have to take to completely cure ED?

Ans. Depending on the severity of your problem, your doctor will tell you the exact requirement of doses. There is no specific dose. It depends from person to person.

Q7. Will it affect my everyday activity?

Ans. There are mild side effects of Cenforce 200 mg but they should not affect your day-to-day life. However, if any of the side effects are prolonged you should immediately seek medical attention.

Q8. Should I consume Cenforce 200 mg with hot or cold water?

Ans. You should consume Cenforce 200 mg with water at room temperature. You do not have to boil or freeze the water to have it. Just normal drinkable water is fine with the drug.

Q9. Can it completely cure my ED?

Ans. It can help you treat your ED but its effect depends on the severity and your other medical conditions. You should consult your doctor in case you feel like you need one.

Q10. What if I accidentally consume a Cenforce 200 mg?

Ans. The first thing that you need to do is relax and do not panic. Drink a lot of fluids preferably normal water and visit the nearest clinic or health care as soon as possible.

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