Seems like the world has been stuck in a spiral since Covid-19. Because one after another it is throwing deadly viruses and diseases like a mere baseball. And who knows what 2023 has in its pockets? But let’s do our best and keep ourselves safe from the 2023 spring allergy season and all those viruses.

Most of us love spring but not those allergies that accompany it. This is the time when flowers, plants, and trees bloom. But nuts that around 81 million U.S. people are allergic to pollen as per the latest data of 2021. So this season we not only have to look out for seasonal allergy but Covid-19 too.

What Can You Do To Manage Allergies?

Well here are all possible tips for you to keep yourself and your loved ones from getting pollen allergy this 2023. Buy Iverheal 3, Iversun 12, and other antiparasitic medicine from Medix pills at the best prices only this allergy season. 

1. Lookout For Covid

Well, the first thing you have to do is practice all those safety measures we have been doing since the first time we encountered covid. Because we are still not past all the dangers.

Don’t automatically assume that symptoms like a stuffy nose, itchy throat, post-nasal drip, and cough indicate a seasonal allergy. Allergies and COVID-19 share all of those characteristics.

An allergy is most likely the cause of your sneezing and watery, stinging eyes. The COVID virus may be the cause of your fever, cough, or upper respiratory problems including congestion. To clear your doubt take a home test if possible or you can visit your doctor after making an appointment. 

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2. Don’t Neglect Your Medications

If you are an asthma patient make sure that you are taking all your medications regularly and have backups if you run out of the current doses of Iverheal 6 or Iverheal 12.

You may obtain Afrin from any pharmacy without a prescription if a runny nose and congestion are some of the symptoms you are experiencing as a result of an allergy. The well-known nasal congestion reliever Afrin reduces discomfort in about one minute. Nevertheless, it’s not advised to use this drug for more than 3 days at a time as it could result in repeat congestion and exacerbate the issue. Someone with pregnancy can take this too without any worries. However, consulting your gynecologist would be the better option.  

3. Keep Pollen Outside Your House 

Spring is good weather outside the house. But pollen can make it worse so it is recommended to practice some caution. 

Do not open your windows or doors as pollen can fly in. Take off your shoes and socks before entering the house after working in the yard or going for a stroll. Put your laundry directly in the washer and then have a proper shower. If you have an allergy, shampoo your locks as well to prevent pollen from getting on your bed.

If you are taking your pets on walks too make sure to brush them thoroughly. If you and your pet share a bed, teach them to rest on a separate comforter that is far enough away from your face and wash the blankets frequently.

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4. Have Patience 

If you are taking medicines to ease your allergy. Give it some time as it will not work immediately. Contact your physician if the discomfort doesn’t go away to discuss your options. They might suggest allergy testing or administer a stronger dose. Individuals who experience severe springtime allergies may require regular allergy injections from a specialist.

5. Watch Out For Your Outing Hours 

So generally it is believed that the pollen count is considerably high in the morning compared to the evening. So if you have chores to do outside the house, plan them for the evening time. And usually, pollen count reduces once it rains. 

Find that unused N95 or K95 mask you purchased whilst Covid epidemic and slip it on if you absolutely need to work outside while pollen counts are high, This will help to decrease your contact with pollen somewhat.


Usually, this allergy season starts somewhere in mid-February. And we are way past that mid-Feb. It would be good for you if you start taking your allergy medication and antiparasitics like Iversun 3 without any delay. If possible consult any doctor for detailed information regarding this allergy season.

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