What Is Black Friday?

We wonder what people used to do before the 90s. You might wonder why we are asking such a question. It’s because the trend of Black Friday sales started in the ’90s and has since become a highly anticipated annual event in many countries, including Australia. Poor people! who lived before the 90s and Black Friday sale. Well, jokes apart, this sale has become such a huge phenomenon that people eagerly await this day to score major deals on a diverse selection of products. No matter what products or services those vendors are dealing with, almost every business participates in this phenomenal sale. 

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In short, Black Friday Meaning is a sale trend that started in the mid-90s and has since gained immense popularity worldwide. It is known for its massive discounts and promotions, attracting hordes of shoppers online and in physical stores. The event has expanded beyond a single day, with many retailers extending their sales throughout the weekend or week.  

Moreover, this sale idea also gave birth to another such concept i.e., Cyber Monday sale, which is purely held online and falls around the USA’s Thanksgiving festival. 

When Do Black Friday Deals Start?

Thanksgiving, a US national holiday marked by thankfulness and festivity, falls on the fourth Thursday of November. To draw customers, many stores offer steep discounts and deals on Black Friday, the following day. However, some retailers are unwilling to hold off until then. To outperform their rivals and attract more consumers, they kick out their Best Black Friday deals as soon as November arrives. The day doesn’t just end there it usually extends to Cyber Monday the next Monday of the month. Jointly these sales have generated billions of dollars in revenue for retailers each year. 

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When Is The Black Friday Sale In Australia?

Although the concept of Black Friday was originally sprung from the USA’s Thanksgiving festive tradition, it gained significant popularity all over the globe. No matter where you are living including Australia the original date of the Black Friday sale is the Fourth of November’s Friday or the very next day of Thanksgiving. 

Speaking particularly of Black Friday Sale Australia 2023, it falls on 24th of the November month. Deals in Black Friday Sale Australia typically include massive discounts and promotions across various retail outlets and online platforms.  

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What Deals Are On Black Friday?

Another such question is “Who Has The Best Black Friday Deals?” of course Target’s Early Black Friday Deals and Amazon’s Black Friday are some popular answers. But to be honest, this is that period of the year when every businessperson comes with the fully potential creative ideas to design the offers that can give cut-throat competition to each other. 

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