If you think sex in marriages only gives you ecstatic pleasure then you are completely wrong. Sex is more than that, it is a way of fostering intimacy, connection, and satisfaction both emotionally and physically. In fact, in many religions, sex is believed to have ties with spirituality too. In a spiritualistic way, sex is the union of heaven and earth, of spirit and matter, in a burst of pure love at the heart level. What happens if this very sex is infrequent or totally absent in the marital sexless relationship?

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How does it impact the partners in the relationship? How can a sexless marriage affect mental health? In this blog, we will explore the causes and consequences of being in a sexless relationship, and how it can lead to depression. We will also offer some tips and resources to help you cope with this situation and improve your sexual and emotional well-being. 

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What Is a Sexless Marriage?

Sexless marriage or relationship is when partners rarely or never have sex with each other. It’s not a clear-cut concept, as different people may have different expectations but you can guess it from the words itself. 

What Is a Sexless Marriage?

According to some surveys, researchers dug out certain behavior, if you exhibit those that means you are in a sexless relationship.

  • Less than ten sexual encounters each year, or none at all
  • An absence of emotional and physical closeness
  • Discord between couples over how often they have sex

What’s the reason could it be, we wonder. That’s why we explored and interviewed individuals, and we came across some possibilities. let’s see what are those.  

How Does It Happen?

There are several potential reasons why sexless relationships occur, and in some cases, it might be challenging to identify the actual reason. Here are a few typical explanations of causes of sexless marriage or why one partner—or both—might not be keen on having sex. 

Sexual Dysfunction

Discussing your intimate relationship problems or malfunctioning sexual health is considered taboo for a very long time, yeah we know it’s absurd!!

Well, sometimes when a man or woman in a relationship goes through sexual dysfunction they hesitate to talk about it openly to their partner owing to apprehension of criticism or shame.

Misunderstandings, dissatisfaction, and even additional relationship degradation such as lack of sex itself can result from this dearth of communication. Treat men’s sexual dysfunction now with Megalis and Vidalista 80 to get your sex life back on track.  

New Relationship Stressors 

This aspect can also have a big influence on how intimate and sexually connected couples are. Couples may experience tension and strain in their relationship as a consequence of external demands like financial hardships, stressful jobs, or family issues. This is frequently followed by a decline in sexual activity.

The emotional toll that these pressures take may also result in a loss of the desire and energy for sexual intimacy, which would further contribute to sexless marriages.  

Poor Communication

Poor Communication

Poor communication can result in sexless marriages and might make couples feel emotionally distant from one another. This lack of closeness may result in emotions of annoyance, anger, and in rare situations, even infidelity.

To sustain a strong and successful sexual connection, it is essential for couples to place a high priority on open and honest communication. Initially, even a loving sexless relationship turns into bitterness. 

SDD (Sexual Desire Discrepancy)

The SDD is the mismatch between the frequency of sexual activity that is actually experienced in a relationship and that which is wanted. Since sex cravings may change based on a number of variables, including age, health, strain, mood, etc., it is a regular occurrence in numerous cases.

In this situation, a partner wanting more sexual favor often feels rejected, disappointed, and abandoned while the other partner may feel pushed, guilty, and lacking. All of these meanwhile lead to sexless relationship depression. 

Challenges With Physical Well-Being And Mental Health 

Several health issues, such as long-term conditions, cancer, depression/anxiety, or joint or muscular discomfort, might have an impact on your sex life. Your sexual drive may also be decreased by certain illnesses or the medications used to treat them.

As an example, the most popular antidepressants are referred to as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). But as a side effect, they frequently lead to sexual malfunctions such as erectile dysfunction in men. If ED is the case take Kamagra 100 or Vilitra 60

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How to Reignite a Sexless Relationship?

Don’t lose hope if you and your partner have stopped having sex for a long time. You can still revive and restore your sexual connection with some effort. In fact, the causes are the solutions themselves you just have to solve those, and half of your problems will be solved. Just follow our guidelines and you’ll all be okay. 

  • Speak up and listen up: Express your desires. Be not scared. You may benefit from being honest about your sexual preferences and try to be considerate & understanding.
  • Seek Help: Although getting professional assistance may seem drastic, it may improve communication and help you and your spouse discover new methods to improve your sex life. Take the help of proven meds like Super P Force or Vidalista 40 if you are suffering from sexual dysfunction. 
  • Be close to your partner: Not only sex may be intimate. Physical contact like kissing, snuggling, and rubbing may also be used to express emotional connection. According to certain studies, showing affection via words or deeds may increase the likelihood of having intercourse. 
  • If you want more sex, try more romance: You may light some candles at home, go on a date, or take a weekend trip. Write love letters, send texts, or give praises every day.
  • Schedule it: Some couples schedule their sexual activity in order to maintain it when both have a hectic schedule. You could go weeks without having sex. Knowing when to have sex may increase your enjoyment and increase your desire. Sex may increase your desire and want it more the following time.

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