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What Is Asthafen 1mg (Ketotifen)?

Asthafen 1mg (Ketotifen) is a first-generation non-competitive H1-antihistamine as well as a mast cell stabilizer. It is used for treating asthma attacks. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using this medication.

This medication relieves and prevents most seasonal allergies such as irritation or itchiness of the eyes and starts working within a few minutes of usage. Apart from its anti-histaminic activity, it acts as a leukotriene antagonist and also as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

Asthafen 1mg – Benefits

Asthafen 1mg (Ketotifen) helps in reducing and preventing inflammation and swelling in the lung. It helps to alleviate the symptoms of asthma, like chest tightness breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing. This lets you perform your daily tasks more effortlessly and comfortably.

It could take a few weeks before Asthafen Tablet begins showing full effects. Continue taking it according to the directions even if you don’t experience any symptoms (this indicates that it’s working). Don’t take it off unless the doctor recommends it or else you’re more likely to develop symptoms. The medicine won’t prevent an attack of asthma that has already begun.

Side Effects Of Asthafen 1mg (Ketotifen)

The majority of side effects don’t require medical attention and will disappear once the body adapts to your medication. Talk to your doctor if the symptoms persist or if you’re concerned about them.

  • Repulsion
  • Agitation
  • Insomnia (difficulty sleeping)
  • Nervousness
  • Sedation
  • Conjunctival inflammation

How To Use Asthafen 1mg?

Use the medication according to the prescription of your doctor. The usual dosage for children and adults above an age of a certain amount may differ and your physician will determine the proper dosage for you according to your medical situation.

Tablets of Asthafen are typically consumed in a liquid form. Take the tablet in whole with the aid of a glass of water. don’t crush, chew or break it unless your physician or pharmacist instructs you to do so. Timing When to take Asthafen according to the instructions of your physician. It can be taken without or with food, but it is recommended to take it regularly at the same time every day to get the best results. Continue to take Asthafen for the duration that is prescribed by your physician regardless of whether you begin feeling better. The abrupt stoppage of the medication could cause a return of the symptoms.

The Strengths Asthafen 1mg (Ketotifen)

The typical strength of the tablets from Asthafen is 1 mg. It is crucial to verify that the dosage and strength are advised by your doctor or to examine the label/packaging of the medicine you are taking to make sure you are taking the right dosage.

It is important to note that information about medications can change over time, and new strengths or formulations might be made available. Always follow the directions given by your doctor or the directions printed on the label of the medication. 

Overdosage Of Ketotifen 1mg

If you or someone other person takes too much Asthafen 1mg (Ketotifen) seek medical attention immediately or go to the nearest hospital. Signs of an overdose include blurred vision and convulsions. confusion and dizziness, lightheadedness or faintness upon rising from a seated or lying posture, fast beating or irregular heartbeat and pulse losing consciousness, and sweating. abnormal tiredness or weakness.

How do I use the Asthafen 1mg (Ketotifen)?

Consume the medicine as directed by your physician. The dosage of Asthafen 1 mg for children and adults over an age of a certain amount may differ in relation to the medical condition being taken care of.

When to take Asthafen 1 mg according to the instructions of your physician. It is usually taken twice each day, once in the morning and then after dinner.

Take Asthafen 1mg throughout the period that is prescribed by your physician regardless of whether you experience improvement in your symptoms. If you stop the medication too soon, it could result in the recurrence of the symptoms.


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