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Today’s article may sprinkle salt on the past wounds of many people as we are going to discuss whether infidelity in a relationship leaves room for passionate sex or not. While to be honest, we hope that people don’t have to go through this article as we wish them a happy and healthy relationship.

It’s for those unfortunate ones who have gone through that rough patch and wondering if they can revive the spark again. So stay tuned till the very last to discover if there is a glimmer of hope for successful relationships after cheating. 

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Can Sex Be Better After an Affair?

Now that’s a very tough question and the very frank answer to it is, it differs with every individual depending upon their overall picture of a relationship. Some psychologists and researchers believe a couple can have impeccable sex if they have gone through infidelity. And it’s true too that rebuilding trust after infidelity is a monumental challenge. It demands every bit of your spirit, every bit of your power, and every drop of your sweat. It is a trip that will push your boundaries, question your beliefs, and test your limits. 

Apart from all these, the relationship will only survive when the partner who had an affair is truly ready to rebuild the trust and the partner who got cheated is willing to forgive and open for healing. There are plenty of ways if you want it to work and make lively sex just like with Lovegra 100mg or Kamagra Oral Jelly. But before that, you must know…

Being In A Sexless Relationship Can Lead To Depression

When Should u have Sex After an Affair?

Again there is no definite answer to the question as it depends upon various factors such as the type and duration of the affair, your own mental and physical preparedness, as well as the degree of trust and communication you share. 

To assist you determine whether and how to restart sexual closeness after treachery, several professionals have nonetheless offered some broad recommendations and advice. Below are a few of them.

  • Usually, these professionals suggest taking 90 days gap from sexual activity first to create emotional intimacy. 
  • Both spouses must contribute to repairing the damage caused by betrayal. In order to regain confidence, the cheater must own up to their blunder. The victim of fraud must put aside their guilt and accept their decision. They may discuss their needs and goals and discover a method to fall in love again only after that.
  • Slowing down the process and making sure there is no push to engage in sex before you’re ready. 
  • Don’t let the ghost of the affair haunt your bedroom. Battling the thoughts about the other person(partner) is hard but no matter how long they linger, resist it. Don’t compare, but discover what you and your partner can share as you mend your bond. 
  • Discuss your emotional and physical closeness in an open and honest manner. At each level, express your requirements, desires, goals, and constraints. As you both feel ready, gradually increase your level of intimacy.

So there is your answer to ‘How to have sex after an affair?’ Initially, you may adopt a policy of  ‘No sex after an affair’ because it may take you on a guild trip and that’s totally understandable. Just consider giving time to yourself and your partner. Take help wherever you feel like whether it’s from family, friends, or even professional helpers.  

Keys to Reestablishing Sexual Closeness after Treachery

Sex is more than just pleasure. It’s love, trust, and connection. But when one cheats, the other bleeds. The bond is broken, and the feelings are shaken. How can they find their way back to each other? How can they heal the pain and reclaim the joy of having sex after his affair or hers? 

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  1. The first step to healing: Admitting the hurt

Taking steps to acknowledge your wrongdoing will give closure to both partners. Later on, be honest and transparent about whether you want to fix it together or peacefully grow apart from each other.

  1. Take your time and be tender

What happens after sex when you have an affair is you feel guilty, rage, remorse, and confusion. It takes time and effort to recover from an affair. Don’t rush or push your lover into making love to you. Respect one another’s speed and emotions. Be sympathetic and supportive.

  1. Mend the broken bridge of trust and talk

Gradually talk about the underlying issues that led to this big misfortune. Find out whether the damage is repairable and see the genuineness in the eyes of a partner who had an affair. 

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

If both partners want the relationship to work out but find it difficult or have no idea of how to make it happen, seek help from authorized helpers. There are licensed sex therapists and counselors who will be more than happy to help you out. 

  1. Reignite the spark of love and compassion

Open your heart and thoughts to your mate to reestablish communication. Discreetly and compassionately listen to their inner world while sharing your own. As you recover from betrayal, encourage and affirm one another. Respect each other’s limits and wishes to rekindle your physical closeness. Together, discover novel pleasures and passions.

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Often infidelity sex becomes way more difficult as trust issues become prominent. The even more unfortunate thing is along with the heavy toll on the mind it can birth physical problems as well. The male partner may feel ashamed of his treachery and suffer erectile dysfunction or other sexual dysfunction. While the same this is possible if the cheater is a woman. The only solution is to know your way around and gently handle the situation. 

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