Even now, a lot of individuals still think that using male enhancement drugs would enlarge and bulk up their penis, which is completely false. Therefore, we have made the decision to inform people about male enhancement pills and how they work today. Most importantly, what medications are safe to use?


To provide you with the best we have dug out some pretty good stuff that can aid in boosting your vigor along with treating the conditions of erectile dysfunction or ejaculation issues. Plus these pills back by scientific pieces of evidence. 

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What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Basically, erectile dysfunction is a disorder that is commonly treat using male enhancement drugs. These pills allow ED patients to obtain and keep a hard erection throughout the coitus. However, the other applications are to improve the amount of testosterone in those with poor sex drive and to increase endurance. Tadalafil and Sildenafil are two important components of male enhancement tablets. But if you are afraid of such synthetic chemical compounds don’t worry you can still get them with natural obtained like ashwagandha, Korean red ginseng, extracts of Maca root, Yohimbe, and of course ginkgo.

 Research has proven that male enhancement pills improve ‘sexual performance‘.

How Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

So before you confuse male enhancement pills with ED supplements like Cenforce 100 and Caverta 100. Let me tell you that both of them are different. Male enhancement pills are often market as explosive orgasm supplementary and are easily available with the prescription. While ED medications are totally the opposite of it. They belong to FDA regulated market hence prescription is necessary. 

They usually work by;

  • strengthening erections and treating impotence
  • Boosting sexual vigor, and stamina, and addressing premature ejaculation.
  • Improving your overall sexual performance and enjoyment
  • Elevating sexual desires and testosterone levels simultaneously.
  • Encouraging the generation of nitric oxide and enhancing blood flow.
  • Gaining more fertility and sperm by increasing the formation of sperm.

Following are a few of the finest quality male enhancement pills that work like your boosters of sex life. 

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Sexual health is surrounded by a lot of myths. One of the most debated topics is ‘Masturbation causes erectile dysfunction.’ 

5 Male Enhancement Pills and Treatments

We’ve compiled a list of the top five male enhancement drugs below. We have examined each and every drug’s contents, their results, and the background of the manufacturer to figure out if it is worthwhile your time, effort, and money. 

  1. VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus popular product for male enhancement. It is promoted as a herbal remedy that has been “clinically researched” and “approved by physicians” for boosting efficiency, sexual vigor, and self-assurance. 

It’s intriguing to note that the business that produces VigRX Plus has paid for various research to investigate how it affects sexual efficacy:

According to one of their study conducted in 2010, Men with early ejaculation who took a herbal supplement saw a little rise in intravaginal ejaculation latent time. The impact, meanwhile, was not deemed statistically significant. 

Again in 2012, Another research was carried out which examined how VigRX Plus affected Impotence and discovered that VigRX Plus significantly outperformed a placebo in terms of erections and entire sexual pleasure.

However, the manufacturer has claimed that there duplicate versions of VigRX Plus pills are widely in circulation in countries like Singapore and New Zealand. 

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  1. Max Performer

Another product for enhancing male performance is known as Max Performer, which is marketed as giving you and your partner more intense, longer-lasting, and Satisfying bulkier erections as well as greater sex endurance and enjoyment. And who doesn’t want this? 

The surprising fact about ‘Max Performer’ is they use a number of natural ingredients such as horny goat weed, maca root, Cordyceps, ginkgo, and ginseng additionally to a number of biologically beneficial vitamins and minerals including niacin and zinc. 

However, it’s still yet to be proven the male enhancement pills provided by ‘Max Performers’ addresses Ed and ejaculation issues.    

  1. TestoPrime

Another top-notch Wolfson brand product is Testoprime, a powerful natural testosterone enhancer. The best part is they walk with the trend and hence offer all vegan, and dairy-grain-soy-free products made completely in an organic way. 

Testoprime’s primary goal is to increase young energy in addition to enhancing sexual prowess. Men’s entire health is improve by its components, which encourage higher levels of testosterone secretion. Just as their name suggests their products actually are good at testosterone production which is 44% if taken regularly.

Their enhancement pills contain a variety of organic substances for instance extracts of ashwagandha, fenugreek, garlic, green tea, and many more. And surprisingly all these ingredients are best known to treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual discomforts according to Ayurvedic scriptures. 

  1. ProSolutionsPlus 

Let’s just say their opening line is you ejaculate timely while satisfying your partner and your own self. So this is what ProSolutionsPlus do with their capsules. These pills contain the proper composition, claims the company, providing you complete control over how quickly you come while sex.

With the use of ProSolutionsPlus enhancement pills, you may maintain your libido for a bit longer, keeping your lover happy. Additionally, it increases sexual strength and endurance. 

You’ll discover active substances like Mucuna Prureins, Asphaltum, Tribulus Terrestris, Asparagus Adscendens, etc. in each ProSolutionsPlus pill. They suggest taking 2 pills after a meal for the best results. And each bottle contains about 50-60 pills. 

  1. Semenax

Well if you worry about infertility and sperm counts? Then rest assured cause Semenax claims to solve those problems. Semenax guarantees to increase both the quantity and quality of the semen you generate during sexual activity.

Additionally, Semenax’s powerful components may cause erections that are harder, larger, and longer, making you unbeatable. Additionally, these substances allow you to influence your orgasms. These male enhancement pills release a large amount of semen, they allow you to hold off for extended periods of time to give you and your partner a magical experience. 

Butea Superba, Crocus Sativus, Mondia Whitei, Swedish flower pollen, L-carnitine, and other herbal extracts are among the all-natural substances include in Semenax. 

Do Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?

Depending on the kind of drugs you’re talking about. FDA-approved drugs for ED therapy, including Cenforce 120 and Super P Force, have proven to be quite effective.

Research hasn’t supported the efficacy of all these enhancement drugs, such as those that advertise increased penis size or enhanced sexual performance. Furthermore, many of these drugs are not FDA-regulated and may include potentially harmful component combinations. But as long as natural ingredients are concerned they are somewhat safe according to the reviewers. 

However, The most appropriate course of action is to speak with a qualified healthcare physician if you have any sexual dysfunctionalities. Because they are capable of recommending medicine based on research to cure your medical conditions and enhance your sex life. Plus the drugs they recommend undergo considerably rigorous testing and standards. 

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