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We promise that you only buy high-quality generic drugs from our online medical stores near you at Medix Pills. Although other medicines on the market are marketed to you at much greater rates than their generic versions, which are therapeutically equal, we at Medix Pills Pharmacy make sure that you may buy generic drugs online at reasonable pricing. All of our pharmaceuticals and healthcare items are produced in WHO-GMP-certified facilities.

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Generics account for 90% of prescriptions written in the United States, but only 22% of overall drug prices. The FDA requires all of the thousands of generics on the market today to verify they are the same medicine, with the same active ingredient, potency, and dosage, as their brand-name counterpart.

Experts agree that generics are equally safe and effective. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states:

Sildenafil Citrate is just as safe and effective as its brand-name equivalents, and they are a cost-efficient method to save money.

Buy Generic Pills

In dosage form, safety, strength, mode of administration, quality, performance qualities, and intended use, generic medicine is identical or bioequivalent to a brand-name drug. More on generics from the FDA. The American Medical Association (AMA) states:

When a generic medicine is available, one of the key ways physicians can conduct cost-effective prescriptions is to offer patients a generic medicine.

What is a Generic Medicine?

Generic medications have the same active components as brand-name drugs and have the same strength. The pharmaceutical business that finds and markets a novel drug acquires a patent on it when it is first developed. The patent normally lasts for 20 years to allow the original company to recoup its research costs. A generic version of the medicine may become accessible when the patent expires. Generics are sold under the drug’s chemical name, or “generic,” and must fulfil the same FDA quality and efficacy standards as the brand-name version.

Fact: Patents and exclusivities can influence when and how a generic medicine is marketed. Patents on new brand-name pharmaceuticals frequently prevent others from selling generic versions of the same drug. The timeliness of generic medicine approvals can be influenced by periods of marketing exclusivity for brand-name drugs.

Are Generic Pills Online as Good as Brand Names?

Manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals must demonstrate to the FDA that their version of a drug:

  • Contains the same active ingredient; is equal in strength, dosage form, and administration route; has the same indications, dosing, and labelling; and provides patients with the same efficacy and safety profile (“bioequivalent”)
  • Are generic medications risk-free?
  • To be authorized by the FDA, generic drugs must be both safe and effective. The FDA additionally requires generic medication makers to comply with the following requirements:

Medix Pills, Follow the same strict “Good Manufacturing Practices” guidelines and fulfils the same batch-to-batch requirements for strength, purity, and quality.

Why Do Generic Drugs Look Different Than Brand-Name Products?

Trademark regulations in the United States prohibit generic pharmaceuticals from looking exactly like a brand-name drug currently on the market. As a result, the colour and shape of a generic pill may differ from that of a brand-name pill. It may have a distinct coating or flavour on occasion. The FDA also takes these “inert ingredients” into account. The drug’s safety and effectiveness are unaffected by differences in taste or appearance.

Lowest Rates

Some brand-name manufacturers charge customers more prices than in other countries where prescription prices are regulated. Drug research is expensive, and brand-name firms have at least 20 years to recoup those expenses, whereas generic producers do not. Manufacturers of brand-name medications spend billions of dollars promoting new drugs to doctors and the general public; they send representatives to doctors’ offices to speak with them, and they pay for physicians’ travel to meetings and conferences to talk about their drugs with other doctors. Generic drug makers rarely invest in advertising and marketing, which is another method they keep costs down.

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Our customers are sovereigns. We normally prioritize our clients and ensure that every client, no matter where they are in the world, receives high-quality medical care. We are a licensed online pharmacy to become the home of online drug stores. Our focus is always on providing our consumers with inexpensive pharmaceuticals without sacrificing quality. We strive to improve as individuals as time passes and ensure that the quality of our services is maintained.

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How Genuine are Generic Drugs?

Only after a generic medicine has met all FDA requirements is it promoted and sold. It is guaranteed to be as safe and effective as the brand-name drug it is replacing. To assure appropriateness, it meets the following criteria: • Requirements for testing

The Active Substances That Were Employed

  • The method of administration, such as a tablet or a liquid. As an inhaler, or for ingestion or IV prescriptions. The efficacy and absorption of a substance in the body.
  • Indications for use and strength
  • Inactive substances that have been approved
  • Suitability of storage container

Before approving a generic pharmaceutical as a substitute medication for anticipated therapeutic benefits, the FDA confirms that it meets all of these requirements.

Ensuring the Quality of Medicines

  • When obtaining drugs online, one of the concerns that buyers have is the quality of the medication.
  • This is the final thing you should be concerned about while using doctor scales.
  • We only sell FDA-approved medications that have been thoroughly studied and authorized by the FDA.
  • Even the country-specific medicines approval agencies have given their approval to the pharmaceuticals sold on our website.
  • All of the medicines supplied on our website come with a 100 percent warranty.
  • We have a team of doctors and medical specialists, such as MDs, who conduct random sample tests on various medicines in our stock to ensure further safety in terms of the standard and quality of medicines.

Assuring Our Customer’s Privacy

  • We place a high value on our customers’ privacy and confidentiality.
  • You can pay us online using a variety of methods without having to worry about security.
  • Our website is secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate, which ensures increased security and speedier online payment processing.
  • Our server registries do not save any of your personal information, including sensitive information like debit card numbers, as well as your name, email address, or phone number.
  • When you purchase drugs through our portal, we only utilize them once.
  • 100% guarantee on any medicines acquired through its platform.
  • Our medicines are of the highest quality and cannot be questioned.
  • We only buy tablets from manufacturers and registered suppliers in all pharmaceutical categories.
  • We also have a staff of medical professionals that are continually evaluating the quality of pharmaceuticals, conducting medicine testing, and ensuring that each of our products is kept at the proper temperature and under the right conditions.

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  • Packing and shipping safely and securely All necessary safety and security measures are in place.

About us

We are a well-known and reputable online pharmacy that sells a variety of generic medications. Our portal offers a wide variety of prescription, over-the-counter, and generic medications.

We only sell the best, highest-quality medicines that we get directly from the manufacturer.

You can select from a wide range of medications to treat a variety of ailments. We are one of the few portals that are permitted to sell all three categories of medicines: prescription, over-the-counter, and generic. Medix Pills is a licensed online pharmacy that sells a variety of medications. We have all of the necessary credentials to prove our legitimacy as a general and wholesale online drug seller.

Except for some OTC pharmaceuticals that do not require a prescription, the majority of the drugs you buy on our gateway have been approved by the FDA. Authorities have also permitted us to conduct business internationally. If you want to buy drugs and get the best deals, don’t go to any other website. We offer a variety of discounts regularly, including daily, weekly, monthly, and mega offers, as well as monthly sales. Keep checking our website for the most up-to-date bargains and special offers.

Our online pharmacy’s drugs are constantly inspected to ensure that they are of high quality and safe to use. We have a dedicated team of safety and quality experts that undertake random sample testing from our stock to ensure that the medicines are of the highest quality. We make purchasing and checking out as simple as possible. We also offer a variety of payment alternatives for our customers, including debit and credit cards, online net banking, and even wallet transfers. Aside from that, we bring your medicine package right to your door, whether you are in one of our partner nations or all over the world.

If you buy drugs that cost more than a particular amount, you can get free home delivery. For the advantage of our customers, we also offer a simple refund, return, or exchange policy, as well as a cancellation policy. We are a specialized retailer that sells the most well-known brands as well as a wide range of generic medications. Some pharmacists are pushing consumers to buy viagra pills to save money on medical bills, which is a new practice. In terms of dosage, strength, and intended usage, generic medicine is comparable to a branded product. People choose us as the finest location to buy generic pills online with the best offers and free shipping because of all of the aforementioned factors.

Fact: Generic medications operate in the same way as brand-name medications do.

Generic drugs that have been approved by the FDA work in the same way as their brand-name counterparts and have the same clinical benefits and hazards. A generic medicine must have the same dosage, safety, effectiveness, strength, stability, and quality as a brand-name medicine, as well as the same administration method. Generic medicines come with the same dangers and advantages as brand-name drugs.

Furthermore, you can browse by category for all major ailments and get the best generic medicine for your therapy. We distribute a wide selection of prescription medications and other health supplies throughout India. Even second and third-tier cities, as well as remote communities, can now obtain the most up-to-date medications. Online purchasers should expect significant savings because we also provide generic alternatives to most drugs. However, before purchasing Vidalista, Malegra and Super P Force from our portal, we urge that you see your doctor first.

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Our online pharmacy website offers a wide range of generic medications. If you want to save money on generic pharmaceuticals, we are by far one of the largest online portals. When you come to acquire generic drugs for any disease, we will not let you down. You should also consider the fact that you can get drugs at a reduced price on our website. We provide redeemable coupons for generic drugs purchased online. You can use these coupon codes to buy drugs from our portal again in the future. You can enjoy appealing flat discounts on your full purchase amount, with savings ranging from 10% to 20%. Purchase a wide choice of medications for people of all ages, including children, men, and the elderly. For both men’s and women’s illnesses, we have a variety of generic drugs available. We’ve created various categories for medicines that contain multiple brands to make it easier to acquire generic medicines. Each of these categories corresponds to a specific ailment or sickness for which a range of brands is available.

The following are some of the illnesses for which you can get medicines through our website:

  1. Erectile dysfunction
  2. HIV
  3. AIDS
  4. Hepatitis C
  5. Infertility
  6. Cancer
  7. Diabetes
  8. Migraine attacks
  9. Acne
  10. Asthma
  11. Herpes
  12. Alzheimer’s disease
  13. Low or high blood pressure problems

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  • Customers benefit from the convenience of buying without having to deal with any hassles.
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  • Customer service, we feel, is an essential component of our business that aids in the development of a well-known brand in this field.
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Heavy traffic, a shortage of parking, monsoons, shop closures, and forgetfulness are just a few of the factors that could lead to the failure to take necessary drugs. It’s preferable not to run out of crucial medicines because taking them regularly is an important part of controlling chronic medical issues. Simply go to, place your order online, and your medications will be delivered to you – all without leaving your home.


Medix Pills is carrying on a 100-year tradition of achievement in the pharmaceutical industry. We are dedicated to providing medicines that are safe, dependable, and economical, as well as a customer service philosophy that is worthy of our loyal clients. We provide a great online purchasing experience, complete with easy navigation and transactional security.

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